How we manifest the universe

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  1. I don't think any of the physicists quoted regarding consciousness were talking about a benevolent prescence that one could synchronize with to affect outcomes–such as manifesting abundance. I doubt any would declare that the mind survives the death of the brain, either. I certainly believe in the mind/body connection but it does cut both ways: Thoughts can affect the body, but what occurs in the body affects the mind through chemical change in the brain. Someone who is unfortunately schizophrenic has a very different mind if not medicated. Delusions, hallucinations. Chemical change in the brain dictating the mind's experience.

    Which also makes me question another claim: That the body is an illusion. How can there be a mind/body connection if one of the components is an illusion? If meditating every day affects serotonin and other neurotransmitter processes positively, then the mind is benefiting from chemical interactions in the brain. How can an illusion affect the mind, if the mind is supposedly calling all the shots?

    I will be interested in the upcoming videos regarding how to manifest abundance. I think it happens all the time through positive thinking, positive action and positive treatment of others. There's nothing metaphysical about that. It's just common sense. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a bestseller in the twenties about its power.

    It doesn't work all the time, of course. It does give one a better chance of success and "manifesting" outcomes.

    Haiti was just rocked by another quake this morning. Somehow Ii doubt it was the result of a collective manifestation of co-creation. Bad things happen to good people every day. Certainly one cannot blame victims for not having a good bead on how to make the universe work for them.

  2. This morning Mieke on another website made a call for manifesting Peace-

    So when I saw this particular on manifesting, I thought I would contribute to the manifestation of peace by sharing something from Will Durant..

  3. How can there be a mind/body connection if one of the components is an illusion? That is a good question. And I will answer it for you…..

    Mortal mind is the false concept of man who's life is thought to be in matter. The true identity of man is Consciousness appearing as Form, form not material and temporal, but spiritual eternal—the forms always changing, while the Spirit itself is changeless-

    Spirit and Consciousness mean the same thing-Man is not material he is spiritual- Because he" thinks" himself material with a mind of his own, he therefore produces in effect a life identity in matter, there in is the false concept of reality- the illusion- a sick thought, an unhappy thought, an evil thought,,,,all products of mortal mind..a false sense of being played out, in your experience,,,,,,,

    In the last narrative on Job, He had an awakening and realization in his Spiritual Identity –



  4. We are a wholesome trinity, body mind soul. You cannot separate one from the other cause they are One.

    In the past it has been interpreted as Father Son and Holy Ghost. Too masculine to me.

    I interprete it as Father Mother Child.

    Masculine and feminine united. I raised a son and a daughter and the Universe gave me the opportunity to exactly do that. To be able to understand both sides of the medal.

    There is too little feminine in this world. Am going to make sure it changes with my passion.

    Making Heart Labyrinths of Peace all over the world.

    I am already connecting with Africa, with Haiti, with Europe, with Indias and within short with the whole world.

    Love and heartfelt blessings from the Heartphone

  5. Sweet Jesus… did you know Bob that Bedlam is a mispronunciation of Bethlehem- the Brits never get anything right hehe

  6. Yes, Scrooge reacting to the pittance Bob Cratchitt and his family exist on. Couldn't believe it. Thought it was appropriate given the provocation.

  7. Now my dear friend Bob we have to get together on this changing the course of history thingee. First we have to know the other manifrustrations that history already has on course, then we can be cussed about it.

    If you say no and I say yes, it'll be a hung parliament, such is the omnipotence of you and I. Okay, let's do it !

    Damn bunny girls πŸ˜‰

  8. Ed,

    I hate agreeable people. But I always agree with you! At last I have pinpointed the source of my self-loathing!

    Now that barrier is breached, I realize now I can go on to co-create and manifest. But l let's not get grandiose and ask the universe for too much. Residence at the Playboy Mansion–that's pushing the envelope. Reach for the planets, not the stars. I guess I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way, and knock on the doors of all the condos on the water in downtown Mystic until I come across a hot fifty-year-old who thinks being a starving writer is inspirational and romantic (played that hand before!). I wonder; will they dare to put flame decals and racing stripes on a Mercedes?

    By-the-way, I'm off the Hugh Hefner thing–waiting for him to call and invite me over, that is. The tarot cards have guaranteed a more enlightened existence: At any moment the Dalai Lama will call and invite me to join his entourage. My hand is hovering over the telephone. I know I will be asked–as intuition is the new physics! But truth be told, I'm a bit disappointed: "God grant me celibacy–but not just yet!" Augustine was no fool.

  9. Hello All,

    What a fabulous, insightful and entertaining dialogue has been brought about after watching Deepak's "manifesting" video!

    QUALIA! a new one for me…..

    I feel blessed to say that my little mind is "understanding" these rockin', heavy-duty concepts and forms of consciousness…..a great new chapter!

    Thank you all. Peace to you, and to Haiti more peace and calm…. as well as to the rest of our brothers and sisters.

    One Love,


  10. Diablo and Mieke!!! Holy synchronicity Batman, well, errr, Batwoman (not Batgirl) for Mieke's sake! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the e-mail Mieke, been so long sis!

    Me miss our intentblog . . .; now me just lost in cyberspace . . .

    But come November, granting I am still among the living, Washington State will be the first continental state to re-legalize marijuana! I know, I know, tis pretty sad the most a brother has to look forward to is the decriminalization of pot, but like the man said 'give me liberty or give me death'; I'll take a bonghit to go please!

    O, and, no body no mind, no mind nobody: yep.

    Har har har har

  11. Hi All,

    I am new at this.. but boy…the concepts are fascinating to say the least..

    All we see is what our consciousness shows us!! Our consciousness manifests everything. These statements give me such a twitch, I bloody want to get hold of the subject.

    Is'nt it true that the scientists have one dimension to their nature by which they work. I mean, I know they explore everything up and down, east n west, but it's for the purpose of exploring. Going by that, the very nature of scientists, as they are, was'nt the concept of consciousness best understood by them for the purpose of understanding consciousness itself? They desired breakthroughs in science, and they did it. (for the names we know of course) Their mentions about consciousness, quantum, nature, universe and all heavy duty words, they actually always talked about something beyond the"manifestations of abundance" that we generally talk here about. Discovering laws and revealing it all in their own prescribed scientific way, surely they would not have stood a chance to talk deep on aspects of synchronising and manifesting abundance, as it entails subjectivity and creativity. Leaving that to poets, authors (deepak), musicians, bloggers (all of us in this thread) and so many people who intend to make it on this front, I believe would be a good idea as it resonates with our psyche and does not raise irritating and unnerving logical requisites to resolve the matrix if not understood by us. Our consciousness will definitely reveal what we want externally, once it sees the picture internally. (In any case though, both inside outside in inside consciousness itself-as deepak said it above ).The HOWs are not th domain of our mind, as consciousness resonates perfectly with universe, creating and co-creating everything our way.

    Deepak has said it all on how to manifest anything in this universe. There is a serious, major understanding that he has made to me personally, which is interlinked so much in all what he says, so much so that for every query that pops up in my mind, I wanna go, rush and see his videos.

    It's all one, one consciousness, one love, one truth, one reality…

    It's so wonderful exploring. I cannot think at all of limiting myself for anything or any thought. (If that's what my consciousness tells me, it better keep sayin that to me)

    I like the ending Constanza signs off with… I copy it below as I mean it from heart (I hope she's ok with it)

    One Love,


  12. I guess the way I see the idea that "you create your reality" is not so much that we create physical events, but that we create our perception of events.

    This entire reality is a mystery, so we don't really know what generates any particular event, or why. If we did, that would mean we were God, and if we are God..well there are a whole lot of conditions I would instantly change.

    It is true tho' , I feel in my gut, that since brain waves create electrical activity, we could very well be affecting events in ways that we can't see.

    I think that the positive accentuated energy created by meditation, and focussing our minds on beneficial actions do affect the world in good ways.

    I can accept and treat as sacred the part of the mystery that I don't see or understand. That is why sacred is so close to secret.

    Just a muse…thanks Deepak , cheers, Jas

  13. I have come to the same conclusions as Dr Chopra . in some ways I could say the same things as he does so I am not saying that he is wrong but there is something not quite right .

    One cannot manifest 'anything ' because of the interdependence of all things and actions one's aims or intents are coming up against oppostion from the great aims and karma – collective karma racial karma – global and universal karma and so forth. We are butting our intents against those of Bob and Ed's omnipotence. One has to create the causes and conditions for anything to manifest.. if one wishes to produce a baby one must perform certain actions and ( LOL no I don't know what they are – my mother didn't enlighten me haha ) If you want to grow a lotus you will not plant the seeds on a mountain top . We have to be logical.. we cannot create a better world without creating the causes and conditions for a better world – nothing just happens on the physical level even if the thought happens in a flash in your mind. The thought and its completed state is almost at the speed of light and instantaneous but the manifestation of it in time and space may take thousands of years or more. This is the area that is most interesting for me – the no time or speed of thought and the application of it. In the thought is the route and pattern that the intent will take – it unfolds very slowly in time to your consciousness.

    It has occurred to me that oneness does not manifest so one can never be sentient of that state – I am not going to explain it but one can meditate on it if one wishes . If the universe is infinite a state of oneness cannot be assessed or ever realized – it is an ureachable point logically. If it is an enclosed finite universe then yes it can appear to the mind as being ONE .I tend to think that the universe is both finite and infinite – finite in manifestation but infinite in potential.

    I am not saying this is the truth but the area I am working with. – just so you know where I am

    May my omnipotence knocks yours for a loop – my will wins hehe – sorry Bob and sorry Ed . what i want is what happens .. hehehehehehehehe

  14. I have to admit that there is something very off putting to the ' I ' in all this.. it can seem so harsh and cold – so unemotional if one doesn't keep looking and penetrating.

  15. I could now be very metaphysical and say that our life or lives have an original intent above and beyond little intents.. lets go back to find the original intent of this' one consciousness ' that is inherent in us all somewhere in the recesses of our personal consciousness.. it is probably the place where intents unite and each omnipotence will be harmonious.. I would agree at this stage that it appears as if it is the universe getting to understand its own omnipotence and omniscience and acting out its full potential via each sentient creation. Here there is a subtle twist of perception for me.. one is not a me or you but the particular data of any unit of potential that arises due to the correct causes and conditions being present that manifests its own sensory organs to know itself and feed back into the communal ' Akashic ' field – probably the potential states.

    We are in a feedback loop where the potential state creates the manifest state which feeds back the outcome.

    It is such a profound field where individual self is logically only the state of the moment of the whole process observing itself. It is so hard for me to put it in words .. I can catch it but being such a fleeting observation it is hard to explain ! From a personal view it isn't really very encouraging if one only thinks in terms of a personal self whether that be the ever changing self of matter that reincarnates or the unchanging self of spirit . I have a feeling that it is far more impersonal than that and far more awesome and not out of line with Chopra either it is the process of the universal creative intelligence or this ' god ' in action .. all the while one clings to the personal idea of manifestation and spirit one is not going to glimpse at this.

  16. Bubbles – okay Ed back to the washing machine !

    I shall meditate of the drum agitating.. oh it excites me no end.. there are some nagas in my machine πŸ™‚

  17. How we manifest the universe.. LOL no .. how does the universe manifest us is more to the point ?


    the thought occurs..the thought is the potential state popping up one of its quantum bubbles ; the ' I ' is its ' agent ' which accomplishes the thought in time – throughout time

    Huge laughter and back to co – creators and interdependency.

    It is not that any idea is invalid.. like jigsaw pieces the individual pieces are being put into the wrong places perhaps which makes an illogical picture ….. in true occult method we should start with the corner pieces and work inwards ? 4 gammas – 4 gammas = 1 swastika ?

  18. a little etymology here


    1570s, "a (physical) moving, stirring, agitation," from M.Fr. emotion, from O.Fr. emouvoir "stir up," from L. emovere "move out, remove, agitate," from ex- "out" + movere "to move" (see move). Sense of "strong feeling" is first recorded 1650s; extended to "any feeling" 1808.


  19. Kay,

    A very penetrating, thought-provoking comment–I still see that book lurking!

    I always approach the metaphysical from a very practical perch–how does it really affect us here on earth, in which we have to live our lives, rather than from a cosmic theoretical squint. And I'm sure people think I have the dullest of Clydesdaleian minds, impenetrable to higher spritual thought. But, as I've written, I have had more than several paranormal experiences that lead me to believe we–and this "reality"–are far more than what we perceive with the five senses. And in addition to a stout meditation practice, I have studied many texts from various tradtitions. Not in your league, certainly, but capable enough to carry your gym bag.

    From what I've observed, most on this site are pantheists–the Eastern paradigm–and some believe in a personal God standing outside of creation and having various degrees of intervention in their lives. I was raised a Catholic but put that aside as a teen. Didn't see much evidence of a personal God–or if there is one, it seems he wound the universe up like a clock, set it on a mantle, and left the room to do other things.

    From what I've studied of various Buddhist and especially Taoist texts, the universe "just is." It's neither good nor bad; amoral. One can't twist or bend it to manifest one's desires, whether for material abundance or greater spriitural awareness. People have been trying to do so, using various mechanisms, from the dawn of civilization. The ancient Egyptians with their spells, attempting to work in concert with their pantheon of gods to affect outcomes. Practitioners of black magic, sorcerers muttering incantations–the Aleister Crowley's of the world. Modern day Wicca–"white" magic employing rituals and spells for better outcomes financially or in personal relationships.

    I see this thread continuing with the "Law of Attraction" and "co-creation" proponents. No spells and rituals; instead affirmations and belief to achieve manifestation of abundance and perhaps more lofty spiritual goals. "Same lady, different dress."

    I will be interested in Deepak's future videos describing how to "manifest" outcomes positively. One problem I see is that he takes physicists' comments about consciousness out of context and uses them to support his metaphysical paradigm. Not every physicist is an atheist; some have personal spiritual beliefs. But they are honest enough not to pick and choose various laws of physics to support their spiritual beliefs and call it proof. That would be bad science. The evidence will lead to where it will lead; one can't bend it to support a spiritual agenda.

    Certainly, one thinks of physicists as sterile, emotionless men and women performing their equations with plastic gloves. This is not the case. They are actually some of the greatest romantics on earth, with a goal dwarfing that of Parsifal: To penetrate the mind of "God." Whether that be Jehovah or Allah, Universal Consciousness, or the soulless unfolding of evolution.


  20. Dear Bob,

    The way I see it you can philosophy anyway you want. It is one's personal experience. Yours are very important for your own development in your life.

    Mine are very important for my development in my life.

    One can share and the only outcome is that everyone IS a unique possibility and freedom means that you are completely allowed to fill it in the way YOU wish.

    YOU are your own world, it is as simple as that. If you were not around there wouldn't be a world either to observe.

    If you want to change your world, you will have to be the change. If you are not happy with your way of living now you are the only one who can change it.

    I have seen too many women suffer during my lifetime, mostly because of a patriarchal system, which was as much present in my country when I was born in 1945 as it was in a large part of Europe and the rest of the world.

    I wanted to change my world and I did and just because of this the tools to do it just came my way.

    And it did not go so smooth, I received my share of sorrow. But I have also seen the steps I have made into the direction beneficial for me and mine.

    And that's what it is all about: just to be the change I want to see in My world.

    Love from Mieke

  21. And in my world everyone is allowed to lead a happy and creative life, whether this is boring or not.

    And I have arrived at a stage in life where I consider the whole outside world as my world.

    This has something to do with old age, where nothing has to be done anymore and everything is allowed.

    I have received the labyrinth 6 years ago from someone in my country. I was able to develop it in several ways, it has become my passion and I receive an enormous amount of energy from it.

    I lay them down in nature giving back to her what belongs to her and she in her endless abundance gives it all back to me again.

    If this sounds egoistic then so be it. I am grateful for this and am able to pass it along to many other women not only in my country but all over the world.

  22. @Bob no .. no book lurking unless someone takes my ideas and puts them together in a sensible order for me – that's ok !

    But I am just working on it.. there is so much to understand.. the paranormal is one field that seems to present some opportunities for study and synchronicity is always present ( to a somewhat uncomfortable degree ) every day in my life

    . I note your monsters.. * they * say they are your own self – inner demons coming to taunt you.It is rampant energy that is trying to get out in an expression of anger and resentment using kinetic energy that takes on a form that will have the ability to affect you.. I am not sure if the source is external to your own mind or not – if it is, it can only use your own fear to latch on to which is probably stemming from your childhood – or something like that ! I am no expert on these matter πŸ™‚

    I don't know why then ( using the same theory ) you don't manifest those bunny girls – maybe you don't want them as much as you think because they are openly in your conscious mind and not ( like the demons ) in your subconscious where they are lurking in the dark awaiting their moment !

    All in all a most fascinating subject .. I must reincarnate as a dancing Einstein with a kennel of dogs in tow..

    look out for me next time round πŸ™‚ i must also have an exquisite voice and charm the hadrons off a donkey

  23. Mieke,

    In that regard I am on the same page with you. I've certainly seen how one's outlook and actions can change one's world; my experiences employing the mind/body connection, which helped me survive four bouts of supposedly terminal bone cancer for example. We all have our own personal spiritual beliefs that can inspire us to carry one and survive. For some strange reason we are meant to survive and hopefully evolve on many planes. God knows.

    That being said, by using evidence from physics to support his spiritual beliefs, Deepak has taken things to a different level indeed. He's thrown down the gauntlet, and the scientific world has effortlessly picked it up. And he's been hard pressed. From what I've seen of both video and written responses from both Deepak and Dr. Shermer, Shermer has come out far ahead. Both because he has scientific evidence behind him that just "is," and because he's presented it without rancor. Shermer honestly admits that he doesn't know if there's life after death. There's not enough evidence at this time.

    Deepak, on the other hand, has come across as rather shrill. One of the posts on this site was rife with defensiveness and had a nasty edge about skeptics; more than a few of his supporters commented about this and even quoted from his books about defensiveness being a projection of the ego. Obviously, his ego is deeply attached to his metaphysical paradigm. I actually wrote a mollifying comment saying he was a human being, and cut him some slack. One of the points I've continuously hammered on is that in the "real world" in which we live, it's very difficult to be "enlightened;" getting completely past the ego.

    Deepak, like many who are spiritally aware to some degree, acts with enlightened self-interest. He's introduced many in the West to the profound practice of meditation and many Eastern spiritual beliefs. Bravo.

    But if he were truly an enlightened man, he would be in Watts or Harlem, or for that matter, Bombay or Calcutta, operating a free medical clinic for the poor. Not living in luxury, hobnobbing with celebrities, pumping out book after book, DVD after DVD, like a publishing machine. Or charging exorbitant fees for seminars.

    But this is America, marketing is king, and he is only a human being like the rest of us.

  24. Mieke, that's beautiful-

    The oneness is in the essence of Conscious Life we share…

    states and stages of consciousness always change-they are transient, each individual representing different states and stages in consciousness.. where as consciousness itself is the true substance of all things seen and unseen. Consciousness itself is independent of it's projections, the projections all dependent on consciousness—interdependence is a conscious collective joining of all states and phases in relation to the Whole of consciousness itself, while still maintaining individuality-



  25. Bob,

    I read some lines of Deepak in Enlightened Next Magazine during an interview with it's editor.

    It struck me that he truly is aware of his own mortality. He doesn't care if he is going to die this very minute.

    And THAT is the way to survive in this world, how odd it may perhaps sound.

    I have read almost every book of him, was a complete fan of him but I got to know him on the IntentBlog for who he really is, just another human being, convinced of the fact that he has the right vision.

    At a certain moment I was so desillusioned by him that I sold all my books I had from him and gave the money to charity. I did not want to have anything to do with them anymore.

    But he has the right vision in life for his own world. And through his books he managed to get a fanclub where you and I can be jealous of πŸ™‚

    Now am looking more objectively to his theories and to those of science and I just pick out of both of them what is important in my world and use it to the benefit of myself and my environment.

    So you might say I benefit from both sides :).

    But I must admit that Deepaks books helped me in a most difficult part of my life because in his book he recognized my experience when I was 34 for what it really was and that was a huge consolation.

    No-one, not even my husband understood me and then you feel alone and desolated. I kept the faith and it has brought me a rich life.

    Deepak considers money as just another expression of energy, so do I. I have nothing with money, my husband has :).

    He says I have a hole in my hand but that is his problem lol

    Love and laughter from Mieke

  26. Kay,

    No doubt I have demons. I think it would be hard for anybody to experience what I've experienced and not have them. I went through a period of PTSD after those bone marrow transplants; one fights for almost seven years with a Luger pointed at one's temple and push like some berserk Viking; it's gotta affect one. At that time, and now, my heart is not that of a Buddhist acolyte. It was the heart of a man fighting for survival to see his sons grow into men and be a father to them. It took me years to put aside the warrior archtype that resides in us all to some degree; once on for an extended period it's hard to turn it off.

    And some of the chemical processes in my brain were damaged by the high-dose chemo. I am pretty balanced now thanks to medication; before as the manic depression manifested, my brain was different–and so were my thoughts and hence my mind. So I know the mind is affected by the processing of serotonin, norinephrinine and dopamine in the brain. The body affecting the mind; one-half of the mind/body connection.

    But I've been seeking all my life, and haven't yet found the answers. As most on this site are. Some proclaim they have the answers–it seems like hubris to me. But maybe I'm not as spiritually advanced as they. Perhaps I will become their disciple, which is the traditional method and requires many years of full-time meditation and mind training. As I suppose those who proclaim superior spiritual awareness have done. I suppose.

    But I don't think it would be right for me. I'd need oxygen equipment to survive in the airless ether, where the egos of supposedly superior spiritual drama queens commune with the discarnate Ascended Masters, correcting their mistakes and leading them on the true path to realization. I think it would be a fun place; a spiritual Seinfeld episode. I look forward to laughing my ass off!

  27. You've got it Mieke-

    Your an individual expression of infinite intelligent creative life, and you "consciously know it"…..



  28. What if you are asking questions that indeed do have answers?

    What are you going to do with the answers? If we co-create, then what? If not, then what?

    And what sort of abundance will you manifest when you live in a state of being unaware?


  29. Thanks Gyanama,

    One should emphasize the oneness of every human being as a unique possibility of Conscious Life,

    So many humans, so many Ones, each with their own unique vision in life. If we just would let every One exist in his/her own dignity.

    It is happening through Socratic Dialogues everywhere πŸ™‚

    Love from Mieke

  30. We always have to be aware that there is nothing other than what we see.. we are born and we die and there is nothing afterwards .. life does seem to indicate that. Our imagination, self interest and self -preservation will fight , kick and bite the bit in denying the facts of our reality and it continues to seek alternative theories – it makes us feel more secure. We could be living in hell – maybe we are because what we are seeing is the ultimate nightmare of consciousness – its death and cessation. Has it ever occurted to anyone that we are in the proverbial hell and not in the proverbial heaven ?

  31. Jules,

    You are "aware?" No doubt from years of meditation training in a monastery or ashram. I wondered who would respond to my the ending fusillade in my comment about spiritual drama queens (of both gender, that is). Can't help it; the Diogenes in me! The response, not the content, says everything.

    If your question about being a victim is directed at me, you have no idea. No man who takes on the rigors of standing post meditation (the most difficult and painful of the Taoist internal energy exercises) to combat a diagnosis of a ten percent survival rate–four times–has a victim mentality. Many thousands of hours logged over the years, an hour a day, or more, at a time. Often with the pain of cancer in my bones and the sickness of chemotherapy pervading me. Not bragging. It just "is." Talking the talk is fine, but I backed it up and "walked the walk." As always, direct experience, not theory, is the key. I hope it never comes to that for you or anyone else who walks the earth. It's definitely harder than it looks. And my question has not been "why me?" but "why anyone?"

    Perhaps one day I will be more spiritually aware and commune with Madame Blavatsky's "ascended masters." But I doubt it. I neither have the time nor the inclination to commit myself to the monastic life.

  32. The universe looks beautiful but in reality it is a chaotic infernal region which is very far from heavenly and blissful. We find ourselves dumped in a little outpost of a planet with no idea of what we are doing and no communication with the outside cosmic intelligences .. and worse.. no way to get out and traverse that infernal region either …. .that does sound a bit like some form of penal institution with a few concessions and benefits for past good behaviour .. maybe we are cosmic beings that went wrong and are paying the price – imprisoned in solar system far out of everything elses' way ?

    This is reserved for my sci fi book that I also won't get around to writing πŸ™‚

  33. Bob it is quite understandable and I am all in favor of many things being the result of the chemical reactions going on in the brain – when they are altered weird things happen.. angels and demons both..

    I always keep this in mind when there is anything supposedly ' metaphysical or spiritual ' going on.

    If one has no sensory organs then with what will one experience bliss or anything else for that matter ?

    When people make claims for being teachers or having superior knowledge they must be prepared to proove it and back it up or alternatively just practice it privately in their own back yard and not pretend to spiritual grandeur and wisdom.

    It is you own business what and how you think – just don't sell it or promote it until you can put your spiritual money where your mouth is

  34. And perhaps they have proved it Kay-

    and what about those who give away what they have proved and realized, for free- There not looking for anything in return-and in the interim of this, have helped and healed others…..

    Like you for instance, aren't you trying to give and share what you understand. Aren't you offering yourself up here on this website Kay? even considering writing a book about your ideas-and is it possible we can create a shift in consciousness that brings a healing to someone?

    Live and let live—- at least that is how I see it…..


  35. I can appreciate your thoughts…but for me the world is not chaotic—-however, the three modes of manifestation consistently make evident, the creating, sustaining and destructive forces of consciousness.

    If you have ever had a vision or even a dream, there is no chaos involved—projection is immediate and effortless, so is the destruction of a thought—-


  36. @ Jules

    If you have no form what will you – or what can you possibly want or do with abundance ? Abundance is applicable to form and matter and what is more. it inevitably leads to scarcity because abundance always lessens the value of a commodity and scarcity promotes it ..For this reason the two will always swing back and forth like a see saw or be manipulated to swing one way or the other to suit particular agendas – in this case a spiritual agenda.

  37. Jeez, has it been raining? Write your book on one of those bubbles, eh Kay? πŸ˜‰ ed is pondering before eddy responds πŸ™‚ ed never intended that pond on his utility-room floor! Sync?

  38. Bob, I'm glad you finally found the source of your self-loathing in agreeing with Ed. I commiserate this realization with you and hope the flotsam of your conditioning can be set free. Maybe now the seed for enlightenment will be sowed and grow. Have you read Biocentrism yet? When your finished with that I have another book that verifies what Deepak espouses.

    Kay, profound insights as usual. It is a closed system we exist in, but their are infinite systems. Science has proven the Akashic field exist, but my question is does the Akashic field exists just in this universe or all of them collectively?

    Science proves the Akashic field, universal intelligence, unity consciousness, God -whatever you want to call it exist. This is what Deepak is trying to convey. Since it is proven and accepted by all credible scientist that this field exist, we have the opportunity to tap into it and manifest whatever we want in our lives. We are each god apart of the collective God and we create our reality through intention actively or passively. Seeing things as separate is an illusion and there is no separate Self at the root of reality.

    There is no external benevolence in the field other than the pure potential and energy that gives rise to everything including us. Benevolence can only come from within when we identify with our essential Selves that is love and light. Co-creating is the process of identifying with our true nature that is inseparable from everything else. It's more about flow and awareness in the present than achieving anything. The gained desire or manifestation is the byproduct of the process.

    It is all a mystery and why things like Hatti happen, I don't know. But I do know we are all evolving this very moment individually and collectively. The more aware we are of our authentic Self through meditation and prayer the less resistance we will create internally and externally. Awareness is the lever for our immanent consciousness and collective consciousness. We're evolving whether we participate or not. So lets program our lives through mindfulness and inside ourselves instead of life programing us through conditioning, ego and the external.

    Deepak is no mother Theresa, but the role he plays has healed millions on this planet. The antagonist of this world will wake up sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. Identify with the outer ego fragmented individual level of perceiving and frustration, feeling alone, frustrated will be your world. Integrate co-creation in your life and the weak objectivity of the ego level can be dispelled for the "real world" level of One. If one is rooted in Self, we can then grow with the grain in the tree of life and through co-creation blossom into the unconditioned, uncertainty, pure potential and ever renewing level of quantum consciousness of God here, now in this gift we call the present.



    P.S. Does anyone remember not being?

  39. Really is it raining there on your utility floor.. oops muddles and puddles > is that my fault or yours hehe – yours cause you must have a leaky roof πŸ™‚

  40. Kay,

    I am living a life I created. I genuinely am living my dream! And I laugh a LOT b/c I am happy. I adore questions!! They rock my world because living in a state of the unknown is completely exciting to me ~ an authentic adventure! Want to come with?

    Please keep asking questions and please consider an allowance for me to ask questions as well.


    I have written my history once on Deepak's first website, HTKG back in 2000/2001. Though extensive and perhaps interesting to some, I do not feel lead to write it out now. My life is intuitive ~ maybe another time.

    After 10 years on Deepak's other sites (now closed), when I first came here, I read one of your posts. In it you wrote that you had a slight form of manic depression. "OK! This person is evolved and I have found another home."

    No one can compete with emotional courage… at least not in my life. For me, this is the only answer we need. Fearlessness comes in all forms and sizes. For someone like you to step out with truth, honesty, and an availability to others about manic-depression IS the answer. It IS awareness. And it is NOT the victim.

    There is an honor in my heart for everyone. For those like you, it is a special honor because you may never know the gift, the genuine gift, the abundant gift you have given.



  41. It is no mystery why Haiti happened.. it is situated on a hot spot of earthquake activity.

    If you don't build housing that is earthquake resilient then those buildings have a tendency to fall down taking human life with them . Therefore it pays to study the arts and sciences rather than ponder why God or the god of karma or some universal wisdom did this to teach them a lesson ; the lesson is to build better dwellings and on firm soil ?

  42. @ Gyanama you see . we cannot even be in peace and harmony here on this website let alone the world or the universe.. I suggest you get your feet on the ground and just share with the possibility you may not be correct otherwise you are going to put people's backs up and create disharmony. None of us is proclaiming the truth we are all offering our personal findings.

  43. @ Jules you are a delight πŸ™‚ no matter whether we think or believe the same things- that is irrelevant.. and ask as many questions as you want – i am no expert and only have theories and not answers πŸ™‚

  44. Kay,

    Hi again, … I was writing when you posted to me. Are you trying to play with me? You'd better behave yourself or I will have you do my laundry!

    My answer is in the beginning of your question. "If you have no form…" Who said I had no form?

    Love, (really!)


  45. Hi Kay,

    I meant suffering in general. Most suffering is self-created, but perceived random acts of nature and bad things happening to good people is a mystery to me.

    I noticed I used frustration twice in a sentence and was a Freudian slip. You are right that we need to share in a respectful way. But it can be frustrating when trying to express with words what we know to be true for ourselves.

    Can we build better spiritual abodes to avoid the physical suffering like Haiti?



  46. Giggle @ Jules – got so much laundry piling up literally as the rain in S A doesn't stop but you can post yours to me and i will loose it to the vacuum no doubt !

    There must be many lost socks in the universe πŸ™‚

    Gyanama and Buddhist / Hindu teachings speak of no form and pure consciousness, I merely ask how no form without sensory organs can have a sensory experience – we must assume ( until otherwise proven ) that love and bliss and all other emotions are chemical reactions resulting from certain catalysts and which are not stable but come and go according to the chemical state of the mind. If there is no mind brain then it is possible that these things have no existence in any personal way.. it is said that samsara and nirvana are the same – ie they have no inherent nature and arise due to cause and effect.

  47. Logically i think we must build a better world here before thinking or philosophizing about a spiritual world or spiritual abodes – let us start at base level and understand cosmic principles and rules of creation and what happens when one ignores them or tries to overcome them with a false sense of important wisdom and spiritual pride.

    For starters :

    Don't let us breed children who come into the world with no chance of a decent life – we don't allow it for animals so why should we allow it for humans – it is not about taking away a person's right to have children but about giving each person the right conditiion to create and nature another life. Remember that too many

    ( people ) make for them having no or little value and too few ( people ) become a priceless precious commodity to be treasured.. people shoud be more like the latter and not the former.

    The world working together must make good living conditions education and not allow things to go wild and out of control . But I doubt that humanity as a species could ever get itself to the point to sacrifice personal desires for the sake of the globe and humanity as a whole. I am really not sure that this ' ideal ' could work unless everyone sees how we must work together as a species on the most practical levels and put the work in where where it is needed which is right here on this very physical reality ?

  48. without your sensory apparatus I think your world would be chaotic. It is the brain and senses that order things into objects that you can identify .

    LOL oh my dreams can be totally chaotic.. making no sense whatsoever but then I am not an enlighened lucid dreamer like some buddhist practitioners.. my non chaotic dreams are like : my house is leaking water.. and I awaken to find there is the most enormous downfall of rain.. most of them are just plain nonsense πŸ™‚

  49. Then let's take care that the anticonception Pill, morning after pill, condoms, etc. etc. are available for every woman in the world, together with the very necessary education, healthy information for what is true and what is not true about them.

    Let us educate the women and give them the right to decide.

  50. Gyanama I don't think that one can destroy thoughts until they are ready to be destroyed …thoughts are always resurfacing – sometimes in the same manner or sometimes slightly differently. Does the thought vanish – no I think it goes beneath the surface of the aware conscious mind. The energy or habitual patterns for certain thoughts to keep surfacing in the conscious mind are well known .

    One must also consider that thoughts are the product of language – we think in terms of words don't we.

    We feel in terms of sensory data.. All these things are dependent on physical form .. we must not confuse emotion with clarity or this spirituality most of us seek . Emotions can be the fuel of inspiration but are not the thing itself ? Emotions can be very delusional too . But who knows.. we investigate and keep our mind clear and logical .

  51. This has happened in my lifetime when my daughter was twelve.

    The doctors in my country gave lectures to the parents about anti-conception and gave them the advice to let their daughters decide for themselves to take the pill or not.

    When those basic rights for women are established they become aware that they have a choice.

    I guess am talking now about the many many countries where this still has not been established and not so much about the U.S. or Europe

  52. And at the same time in such countries so much healing still has to be done.

    My heart turns around every time I see such images on television.

  53. we do that here in Africa – the condoms and family counseling are available to many of them but they still fall pregnant – one reason because the men do as they wish with the females and also the females don't care either. They don't think about whether they can afford children and give them with good lives. I admit that common sense comes from education so yes one has to educate them – one cannot educate so many people – it becomes a vsicious circle . But there is a general lack of care about life in many instances .. many just don't think before they act.. the consequences of those actions are all around them but it doesn't seem to alter their behavior.. a very difficult problem here πŸ™

  54. I am sorry if I am missing some posts – i wish the link from the recent comment would go to the relevant post instead of back to page one of the thread .. I miss some of them and I apologise πŸ™

  55. Kay,

    Thanks for your common sense, grounded advice.


    Perhaps one day I will be as spiritually advanced as you. In the meantime, say hello to the "ascended masters" for me. I see your ego is still smarting.

  56. Hi Kay…

    I am in peace and harmony, I am sorry that you are not—and my feet are on the ground and my heart and mind in heaven….I share what is true to my heart, and I am always open to infinite possibilities…..



  57. Yes Kay I do understand. It has to come from within the people there.

    Still this is a matter of sowing seeds and not expecting them to blossom immediately.

    There is a slight beginning of a changing attitude. I am a member of the Alliance for a New Humanity and met some people there. A young man from 21 who realizes his responsibility for his family and the need to get educated. Unfortunately his country (Burkina Faso) has suffered from a natural disaster too and he got severely ill. So there went his dream of setting up a school for orphans in his country.

    He did not even have money to buy the necessary medicine agains dysentery. What do you do in such a case?

    My heart turned around and I have been able to help him to buy the medicine and have at least one decent meal a day.

    He got lucky after that to acquire a job in a cyber cafe. He likes working with a computer and is totally happy with this.

    But where is he going to get the money for his dream? In no other way than working hard for it, have no expectations but keeping the dream alive.

    And then there is this pastor in the congo who has already educated himself in different ways of conflict resolutions, especially for the many many widows there with children. He is interested in the labyrinth as a tool for healing and peace.

    So in that way I am able to help him and provide him with the necessary books available about this.

    And he is willing to work together with every N.G.O that is present there.

    But there is also this language barrier. You can write a little English but they much better understand French.

    So now am corresponding in English and French with the Google translator as a valuable aid πŸ™‚

    It is all about awareness. This is only now arriving in the awareness of all the N.G.O's working there.

    So there is still a long way to go.

  58. Right now you can have a thought, collapse it, and not take action on it…..nor manifest it….

    Ex-I have a thought, I am going to make an apple pie? then I have another thought, no I am not going to make an apple pie, I am going to make a chocolate cake….NOW my awareness focused on the thought of a chocolate cake, …thought takes action, and manifest a chocolate cake…..

    It was good cake by the way…..



  59. "Can we build better spiritual abodes"

    combine that with Jasmina's early comment , Michael and I think we might have some potential resolution of the issues plaguing this thread. Tee hee, I just issued another reflective bubble πŸ˜‰

  60. Bob, I do hope you go beyond the surface of life and find peace within. I really do! And please don't take anything I or anyone else says personally. As Kay says, we are here to share our perception of where we are in our evolution.

    I enjoy the role you play on this site and especially your prose and lexicon. Being a Toaist, you know we receive what we dish and that is the role I'm playing. It's up to each of us to decide what is real for them.

    Is it my ego that is damaged or yours? I think both and neither because there is no separate self. But what I do know is when one cast an arrow of projection there is something they are hiding from themselves.

    I hope we have no need for armor and nothing to defend. Just share in the spirit of knowledge and evolution.



  61. @Mieke you are doing a great thing in your personal capacity. my hat goes off to you and many thanks.

    Many of these women who fall pregnant are church goers and christians . it means nothing. We have a domestic worker here who has four children all at home .. I asked her how she copes and she says she sacrifices and goes without so they can have basic food .. I wonder why she didn't take birth control pills .. πŸ™

  62. lol and giggles .. the thought was food/ cake which kept resurfacing either as apple pie or chocolate cake – the thought of food didn't disappear at all .. and even after you had eaten the cake you still had thoughts about how the cake was..

    love to you too πŸ™‚

  63. Michael,

    I make no claims about being spiritually advanced. As you certainly do. I suspect if you were you wouldn't bother to respond to comments about your ego and being a supposedly superior drama queen. You'd just let them go. Because there would be nothing to protect.

    At any rate, I am through debating with you. I won't waste another breath on a spiritual poser. But that's only my opinion, or as my perception as you said in another comment. So it shouldn't bother you at all.

  64. Yes Kay, this is still the inheritance of the patriarchal society.

    The Internet however has put us in acceleration number five πŸ™‚

  65. Well Bob, you certainly are entitled to your carnal reality…and Micheal is entitled to claim his inherent Spiritual Being-

    .Funny, I never felt any of this as a debate…..I love you all-(really)

    Enjoying my cake, sharing it, and eating it too….

    Kay I enjoyed your thoughts on the thought cake——-Nothing is lost in the infinite calculus except the illusions when you wake up-



  66. And that is something else than Mambo number five lol

    With Twitter and the Internet many young people in Africa are already orientating themselves towards other standards of living. They meet all kinds of people with totally different views and are quick learners.

    It is my hope they do educate themselves on this Internet.

    I have done so myself without having any computer degree. There were no computer books in those days when the computer was introduced in my home.

    I had to teach myself and my kids. This is the way how the kids in Africa and other countries will teach themselves.

  67. my granpa is bigger than your granpa…

    poor granpa has a leaky roof and water pools near his sync, creating heavenly bubbles…damn!

    hi mieke…u look marvelous, not old….

    where is Mr. Jones?

  68. Hanging around, hanging around. No inspiration anymore to post a good old rant.

    Just waiting for those "democrat death panels" to put me out of my budless misery: har har har har.

  69. Emperor, you have missed such a lovely campfire on New Years Eve here.

    Lots of old friends joined around it to tell each others stories, to sing and dance.

    I found a special song for you for the New Spokane πŸ™‚

    We are still there so go and join:

    And make a heart labyrinth there on the ground πŸ™‚

  70. where is nature girl kate? and uncle tree? come back …it's lookin' like IB

    once all the wannabe 'bloggers'– who get zero replies– go away we can all meet again at deepak's blog… the only one to get more than 5 replies.

    can someone tell these jokers to stop wasting space? seriously!

  71. Kay!

    If I stay today, I won't be able to manifest this lovely weekend. For now…

    THOSE SOCKS! Those missing socks!!!! WHAT is up with THAT? Ahhhhh……

    Student: How can I know the mysteries of the universe?

    Teacher: Find the socks, my child, find the socks.

    Have a great weekend to all!



  72. @ Jules – lol so far my hunt has not come up with any missing socks at all – they must be quantum buddhist socks at heart and have no inherent nature and have become something other than socks – which is obviously why I cannot find them. This profound, great philosophical quantum revelation is presently available in my latest book entitled " The sock that went beyond to Parinivana " . I shall be holding mystic seminars all over the sock counters of leading stores globally in the coming year – look out for me.. I shall only be wearing one sock ;(

    Do join me in celebrating the passing of the socks into Parinivana on Feb 15th at Mr Sock

  73. PS that website keeps a journal of all missing enlightened rainbow striped shrunken socks in their sock journal – only striped socks become buddhas – plain socks reincarnate as underpants and other undercover garb

  74. Hi Kay!

    This morning I caught myself doing this….. With socks to be washed, I place the top of one sock over the top of the other, then wash. They do come apart in the wash so they get clean. And there's always 2 socks after wash to go in the dryer. When there's only one out of the dryer….. you know… LOL!



  75. I do hope that you will say prayers and mantras for your sock which is now travelling in the sock bardo where it could wander in the lost hungry ghost realm until its soulmate also finds its way out suffering the realms of endless cycles of continual purification by water and fire.. daily pujas and prayers will be held globally to ensure the safe crossing of your sock to the other shore.