How Women Use Social Media (infographic)

Social media is changing the world as we know it, and there’s no doubt companies are keeping a close eye on how people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. As it turns out, men and women use social networking in very different ways.  In this infographic, Ethan Bloch of Flowtown zooms in on how women are using the social web: specifically which sites they use, why they use them, and how much time they spend online.

A few facts that caught our attention:

  • 53% of adult females use social media on a weekly basis (that’s it?!)
  • Women’s top interests are entertainment, food, health/wellness, and recipes/cooking. Somewhat surprisingly, fashion/beauty/shopping comes in fifth.
  • The top reason women cite for using social networks is to stay up to date on family and friends.

via Panorama