I Challenge You to Drop Your Goddess

There’s a lot of talk swirling about the return of the goddess. It’s all over the astrology blogs, and something tells me it’s also in every yoga class you’ve been going to as well.

Am I the only one that gets totally skeeved out and feels like it’s all just self-aggrandizement?  Nothing more than the swagger you see in Kobe Bryant, but in female form?

Let’s dial this conversation down to our brains.  We’ve got the “God” within us, our left brain, the logical center, the center that needs control.  The “Goddess,” or right brain – creative, trusting, free.  Many people in our society are living in a left brain dominant world, figuring out how they can force the next project through, who they can lasso in to be their next woman, what thing they have to say to their mother in order for her to just stop worrying.

Over the last few decades in America, and being that we’re such a hub, worldwide there’s been a resurgence of the right brain.  The Beatles, LSD, Yoga, and now a full industry designed around helping people get into a vast and trusting state.

But let’s talk for a second about the value that each part of our brain has towards our spiritual development.  When we occupy a right-brain space, we’re feeling trusting open spacious and free.  When we’re in the left brain, we have a plan, we discriminate between practices that are good for us, practices that are 5,000 years old and almost totally out-dated (but still contain their seed of truth), and practices that are even potentially dangerous.

My call to you is to occupy your Being.   Merge your plans and your discrimination with that spacious trust.  This allows you to live free in the world of regular, working, non-yogi people and actually stay more present and connected to your peace.  You can have a conversation about Star Trek and not ever use the word Goddess or Cleanse or what-have-you.  How liberating is that (especially to your friends!)?

This is about the marriage of Parusha and Prakarti —  wedding your essential and infinitely vast nature with the way the world works today.  So, you’ve got the right brain thing down.  You’re hanging out in flow.  But it drops away, or you have to write people off because your flow doesn’t match with the world.  What part of your spirituality needs an upgrade for 2012 so that you can stay HERE?  What words or beliefs do you need to drop?  What scientific research do you need to do to confirm that you’re not just happily on some guru’s river ride that’s going to end up tossing you over the cliff and down the waterfall?

My challenge to you is to use your logical brain to figure out why exactly certain practices work — to find their seed.  To ask yourself, “what can I do to bring a real union to this moment, to this conversation?”  And then to start to chip away at the scaffolding of spirituality that’s actually binding you just as much as it’s freeing you, until you’re left as You.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Jordan! After nearly 7 years after beginning studies in yoga and steering my ship out of a left-brain world, I'm taking Landmark Forum this weekend. =)