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2010-09-16 (13h27/EST) ● INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY is yearly held on September 21st !!

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○●○ 2010-08-30 (18h45/EST) ● Originally inserted as a reply to Aurora’s Forum it adequately describes HereNow ● "I am profoundly grateful to able to experience the flow of consciousness via an inspiring tide of love lately; as it enthusiastically nurtures a steadfast motion of constructive actions. Blessed with letting go of fear’s illusionary shackles my ability to radiate compassion is gently nourishing the habits of thoughts, states and actions required to almost effortlessly transmute past negative stumbling-blocks into manageable stepping-stones. I no longer question the why, instead focusing on the how, I daily contribute such a gift of unfolding wellness into an all encompassing Peace InJoy ;-)"


 ○●○ 2009-04-14 (20h30/EST) ○●○ Namaste Beloved Ones ! WOW…Thanks to You All !! I TOOK THE VOW !!! Of non-violence in my thoughts, my speech and my actions. I actually prefer to think of it as a vow of love in my thoughts, my speech and my actions but chose not to concern myself with semantics.

Trusting that as I reMEmBEr the SynchroDestiny rhythms of Flow I shall inspire, by Being the change I wish upon this world… Gandhi, so as to nurture, invite and welcome another duo of "Imaginative" Souls to this exponential overflow of Love.

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…on QM/18 821 day of this Singularity‘s adventure In♥Being a♥Live…

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  1. THE LINKS WORK ! WHAT A FABULOUS METAPHOR FOR UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS VIA OM*LOVE !! PEACE IN*JOY EVERyONE !!! 2010-08-29 (13h13/EST) Today accessed the < I TOOK THE VOW > voice archives. You might be inspired too while browsing through them 🙂

    Should they BEcOMe temporarily be out of reach then = I'll leave the copy-paste in the original blog notes which I've had to redo since the Intent.com website revamp.

I Took the Vow

     Growing up non-violent in a fear based society is no easy task, so by nature I put up and shut up about the foolishness and idiocy I have been privileged to witness in the course of my life. Thus it was with no second thoughts I joined Deepak in his primary intent. What I did not expect were the profound internal experiences which resulted in a very few weeks. This has already gone far beyond good will toward people.

     A few days ago I turned on the TV (an infrequent occurrance for me) and there was a movie in progress. The latest Halloween movie. Since I had seen one or two of the earlier movies, I quickly became absorbed in the story line of how it all began. Then came the violence. As I sat there mesmerized, the question came to mind. Why am I watching this? I changed the channel. I had totally lost interest in the story. Good for me huh?

     I live in high desert country. Fire ants have all but driven the humans off the land. I have learned not to stand in one spot long or they will find their way up a pantleg and when you move in such a way the cloth puts pressure on them they bite and the pain is greater than that of a bee sting. They will continue biting until they get relief or one pinches them to death under the cloth. But for the past few weeks I have been carefully watching the ground where I walk to avoid stepping on them. It is not easy and I doubt many others bother. But then, many others have not taken a vow of non violence.

     The interior of my earth sheltered, owner built, solar home is unfinished and the housekeeping extremely lax. Hence, it is also home to a small assortment of spiders, ants and an occassional lizard. A few weeks ago, I observed a small Black Widow spider setting up housekeeping in my bathroom. I watched in fascination as she worked and as a male I thought had become food, scampered away when she drew near. Later that evening I walked into the bathroom in stocking feet and did not turn on the light but felt something soft underfoot. I went and threw the light switch on to find I had stepped on my new friend and I watched her in her final death throws. I was immediately overwhelmed with a sadness and sense of irresponsibility. This is not normal human behavior I am experiencing. Maybe it should be.

     Yesterday, I joined an "enlightened" friend of mine on her back patio and saw a large beetle walking past the rear entry door. My friend was on her way into the house when she saw it. With no hesitation she stepped on it, presumably for the capital offense of criminal tresspass. This behavior saddened me deeply but I bit my tongue and said nothing because I know her fear of invasion is such she is a regular consumer of various plant and animal poisons and professional pest control services. So tell me brothers and sisters, has the vow of non violence had this effect on anyone but me? 



  1. (To multiply the following blessing, read aloud.)

    Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

    Blessings X 10,


  2. Dear Ed,

    Marvellous post, i am non vegetarian so i cant take the vow but i think its a noble thing that deepak and you all are doing.

    you are a very beautiful soul and its reflected in your post.

    Wish you love, peace and happiness.


  3. Hi Ed,

    If your immune system had taken the vow of non violence you would not be here to annouce the big, "I took the Vow," today….:)))

  4. Ed, You are consciously living non-violence and I find that great.

    I try not to step on the ants when I walk and this is a little difficult because they're plenty on the concrete nowadays. I pick up earthworms and centipedes and put them on the grass besides. However I see small animals run over and killed more often nowadays :(. I almost ran over a small snake once! I once picked up a huddled turtle from the middle of the highway and put it on the grass beside. I hope it stays safe. I love the greenery around but what about the poor animals who live there and try to cross the roads ?


  5. Thank You,

    Trisha – As a practical matter, the vegetarian does to plants what the carnivore does to animals. To put a greater value on that which is most like us could be a mistake. And again, a pet, plant or animal creates an emotional bond with us, even if such a kept pet might be devoured by another under more commercial circumstances. Implied, if not stated, Deepak's intent is concerned with human behavior towards other humans. If you can see it that way, you can take the vow. My point is how the vow itself raises consciousness in unexpected ways. Soon others should have stories about this too.


    Since I am here, my immune system is clearly not with the program. We can expect soldiers will not take the vow. 🙂


    Clearly, you have been living more consciously regardless of any vow and that is commendable. Thank you, my brother. The days are coming when it will no longer be necessary for people to move at such high speeds, there can be no regard for wildlife. For all the resistance this will create, the world will be better for it. You and I will not be the only ones rejoicing.

    (To multiply the following blessing, read aloud.)

    Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

    Blessings X 10,


  6. Dear Ed,

    I have to admit I still feel violent towards mosquitoes … Thank God we don't have them in Ireland … their presence here on earth confounds me I have to be honest …

    Blessings X 1000


  7. Sweet Sister Noreen,

    I hear where you are coming from. We have very few of them in Southern AZ and I felt much the same about houseflies pre vow. But I'm getting a few in the house lately and shooing them teaches them nothing. So I have been trying to ignore them walking about on my flesh with mild annoyance. I'll get over it. 🙂

    Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

    Blessings X 10,


I took the vow


  1. Kathryn Medico

    Hi Adriana! I too, took the vow. Have you had success with getting 2 friends to join you? I'm amazed to see how seriously people consider before taking the vow. It seems that if they do, it really means something to them. This vow can be quite life-changing, eh?

  2. Kathryn, I agree a 100% with you. I have been sharing my interpretation of understanding with a big group via e-mail, for almost two years. Two hours ago, I sent them the video post and the translation of the vow. I really look forward to open my mail tomorrow and see… several vows arising from the heart. I know they are wonderful beings and they understand that it is time to change the way they handle and react to certain circumstances.

    A month ago, a march for non violence was organized here in Mexico City "Marcha por la no violencia". It was really breath taking to see 500000 beings -dressed in white- walking 2 miles trying to reach the heart of the city. I guess, like everybody else, we are just tired of hearing about so much violence going on the streets.

    So… if more than 2 take the vow, now we know that both of us really had the intent of doing it for the whole. Let us keep this in mind.


  3. Adriana: Thank you for taking the vow of non-violence and for your passionate desire to offer others a life changing opportunity to change our world. Love, Greg

  4. Dear Greg,

    Every time I read you, it moves me so much you can not imagine. You are so sensible and always your words carry so much love, that it is impossible not to love you.

    Thank you so much, for all the words of encouragement spread through this community and many others.



I Took the Vow

When I went to the ANH conference in Barcelona, I did not know how life-changing that experience would be. One of the most remarkable things that happened was when Dr. Deepak Chopra stook up to speak and spontaneously reacted to an idea. His idea has since developed into an intent that is now being realized all over the world. His idea was this: What if we all took a vow of non-violence?

With this vow comes the power to change the world. If enough people commit to non-violence, I believe we will see world peace. Dr. Chopra is working now to reach critical mass with his message, and I fully support him in this. I took the vow at the conference in Barcelona along with roughly 450 other people. Since then my life has changed. My relationships are getting better by the day, my health is soaring and i just simply feel better about myself and my life.

I encourage anyone who reads this to take the vow of non-violence. I also encourage anyone who has a thought, suggestion or comment of any kind to contact me at xorcone@aol.com. Remember always what Gandi said:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."