(Illustration) How To Avoid The Negative Energy Of Other People

Originally posted on Wonderhowto.com 

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About Yumi Sakugawa

I am a comic book artist and illustrator based in the greater Los Angeles area. My website can be found at: www.yumisakugawa.com. Every so often, I make illustrated guides to mindfulness and meditation. You can buy a booklet of them here: (http://yumisakugawa.bigcartel.com/product/there-is-no-right-way-to-meditate )     In a previous life, I was the online editorial producer of Intent.com. When I am not drawing and thinking of new stories, I am drinking ridiculous amounts of tea, craving Indian sweets and dreaming of the day when I will have my own King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

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  1. eugene says:

    beautiful thoughts and images. and here's another tip: imagine a shield of light surrounding you that's impenetrable to anything but loving energy. MR. WORF! SHIELDS UP!