India Gang-Rape Tragedy – The Spiritual Solution

“Yatra Naryastu PujyanteRamante Tatra Devata spiritual solution
Yatraitaastu Na Pujyante Sarvaastatrafalaah Kriyaah”

The ancient Sanskrit proverb above states that divinity blossoms where women are honored. All actions remain unfruitful where women are not honored.

The recent gang rape tragedy in New Delhi shook India to its core and has caused a deep sadness around the world. The terrible news became global in just a few hours causing anger and pain to many people from various cultures. This truly was a horrific crime. The problem of rape isn’t new and isn’t restricted to just few countries.  Every now and then, we hear the news of a woman getting sexually assaulted by some disturbed individual. The movies and media have always portrayed women as merely an object of physical pleasure. Men are shown to have the deserving right to lure any woman they desire. This mentality has depicted women as an easy target of being an object of pleasure and nothing more. We quickly forget that if a women can give birth to us, she can easily do anything bigger and better than the men of the world.

I was born and brought up in India; the land of Kama Sutra and 33 million Gods and Goddesses. My spiritual training has been solely focused on the ten wisdom goddesses (Dus Mahavidya) of Tantra science. For someone who has always known the divine form of woman, it is not only painful but also shocking to see such attacks on women. The government can issue a new law calling for the severe punishment of the culprits, hoping that it would lessen the crime but the sad truth is that the government can only help to an extent in such situations. It can, of course, come up with stricter laws and harsher punishments as well as employing more police force in areas prone to such incidents. By taking these actions, rape is prevented out of fear. However, rape cannot truly be stopped by making people fearful of its consequences. The effort should be to cure the problem from its roots which lies in our fractured consciousness. Hence, this issue has to be resolved from the level of consciousness only.

The Kama Sutra from India has taught the world to treat sex as the most sacred activity in existence. In India, intense meditations are done on Shiv Linga, which consists of a feminine base ‘Yoni’ or ‘vagina’ and a rising masculine portion ‘the Phallus’ or ‘penis.’ Shiva being worshiped as ‘Linga‘ acknowledges the divine consciousness in merging with the eternal feminine form called Shakti. The Shiv Linga needs to be understood and be part of our everyday lifestyle. If one can connect sex with spirituality, tragedies like rape will start to vanish. Sexual energy is the highest form of energy as it gives us the authority to create life. It doesn’t need to be suppressed. This won’t solve anything. The solution is to channel it in the right direction.

Secondly, we need to bring meditation into our daily life and make it a lifestyle, on a global scale for everyone! Meditation holds the infinite potential to raise your awareness and allow you to reach higher states of consciousness. When a person commits rape, the awareness of such a person is in a very contracted state. They are solely fixated on control, domination, power and fear which are low vibrational states of being.  Higher states of awareness include acceptance, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, unconditional Love and peace.  We all possess those higher states of awareness within us and meditation will allow us to get there. A daily meditation practice of 24 minutes, one minute for each hour of the day, can bring a significant changes to the situation. No government or law can facilitate any significant change unless the change begins from within oneself. Meditation can shift one’s energy toward a higher self.  I would recommend meditation on ‘Shiva-Shakti,’ the union of male and female cosmic energies. Such meditations have amazing power and an incredible flow of energy which can bring in the divine element to all relationships we have with one another.Here’s hoping that 2013 shall be a year of rising soul mates! The soul mate doesn’t have to be a romantically charged relationship. It can be any relationship that you have with anyone in your life.  Simply try to be mate of the soul. Once you are friend of your soul, you will be friends with the global consciousness!