Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding is once in a lifetime affair and is celebrated with lots of pump and show. In India, wedding is a sacred social event in the family and symbolizes the confluence of two different families. Indian weddings are celebrated on a lavish level where all nears and dears are invited. Invitation through wedding cards is the cordial way of inviting the friends and extended families on the auspicious occasion- Marriage. It is given well in advance before the wedding Planner.

It is important that the wedding card to be attractively designed and printed as it is the first impression on the guests who are invited to share the special day. The card needs intricate detailing as it signifies the most important day of one’s life. In earlier times the cards used to be simply designed but in modern times the cards are more interestingly designed.

The most commonly used pattern in Indian wedding invitation cards are the images of Lord Ganesha, Om, Swastik and Palki etc., illustrations of young couple holding hands or the picture of entwined hearts. Few cards also bear the pictures of famous celebrities and sometimes the photographs of to-be married couple, India Wedding games.

Few cards are adorned with jewels and semi-precious stones. Different types of paper are used but now days handmade paper is in much vogue. The cost of a wedding card varies with the pattern, paper and embellishments used. The range may vary between Rs 8 per card to Rs 400 per card. The cost may be higher for the cards embellished with Jewels. Now a days event companies or event management companies also help in designing of wedding cards.