Inspiration for your mid-week: Articles to keep you going

Feeling dull, stagnant, or indifferent? Sounds like you need a little pick-me-up in the form of an inspiring, uplifting, true-life story. Or five. Once you’ve perused these articles, you may find yourself ready to run a marathon, fall in love, and start composting. Don’t blame us.

Read one woman’s story of recovering for a near-fatal car accident to completing a full marathon, eight years later.

From Near-Death To Running Marathons, ‘Because I Can’ (BlissTree)

Here is another woman’s experience working through a divorce and ultimately falling in love with life, all over again.

Falling in Love, Again (Elephant Journal)

Terri Cole, founder of Live Fearless and Free, discusses the necessity of facing our fears to live our best life.

Facing your Phobias (Positively Positive)

Follow this woman’s example and learn some creative ways to make the most of your trash (and help the environment while you’re at it!)

How Living in Paraguay Taught Me to Get Creative With My Trash (GOOD Magazine)

And to stay inspired every day…

Make the most of your life with these tips from Deepak Chopra.

Learning to Let Go (Care2)