From I intend to embrace the power of “no”.


I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving.
My second Thanksgiving in Orange County, California was all I thought about since my first Thanksgiving in Orange County.

Friends, food, a family talent show with a $100 cash prize on the line.
Thursday was going to be glorious.

The downside was that Friday was going to be terrible.

I’d overcommitted- to people staying in my home, to side projects that were WAY more involved than I thought about, to future plans. And it was all putting a big strain on what were supposed to be happy days leading up to vacation. All I could talk about were the stressors. All I could think about was how terrible the days following Thanksgiving were going to be and after one hysterical crying episode, I realized I had to start doing things differently.

My intention this week? I intend to embrace the power of “no”.

There’s definitely a struggle of balance. Am I being selfish by saying “no” when people need help and come to me? Am I missing out on great things because I’m filling up my schedule with things I don’t want to do? I honestly don’t know yet. I’m new to this “no” thing. I do know things have to change because this isn’t any way to live (and by that I really mean the amount of complaining and trepidation I feel about upcoming days).

Are there things you need to say “no” to?
Is there a “yes” you can’t make because you’ve filled up your life with a lot of things you don’t care about?