From I Intend to Take on the Yoga Intent Challenge!

Lululemon yoga pantsI need to confess that I’m a yoga beginner. I know a lot about gymnastics and tae kwon do. I know a lot about ballet and even a considerable amount about wrestling, but yoga- very little experience with the exception of an 1.5 hour long work-out DVD that made me wish I was dead.

Since moving to California, however, it feels like every person I meet is a life-long yoga expert. My friends have Facebook pictures of themselves doing handstands and hiking their legs up near their ears. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not trying to get a job with Cirque du Soleil. Why would I ever need to know anything more than what a plank was? (Is that trend over? Maybe I don’t need to know how to plank anymore after all.)

However, since starting work with, I feel like I’ve learned more about yoga and it’s practice than in all my life prior. I’ve seen how it’s impacted health and wellness, how flexibility and fitness only get more and more important the older you get, not less. I’ve seen how great people feel practicing literally anywhere- from their office to their bedroom to a yoga studio. With the crazy life I lead, those are things that are important to me. So this week I’m going to stop being hesitant and get on board with Intent’s Yoga Intent Challenge! I think you should do it too. We can impress ourselves together.

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our Yoga Intent Challenge led by Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles. For the next 3 weeks she’ll be sharing her intents and inviting you to join her whether this is your first attempt at yoga or you’ve been practicing for decades. Find a new intent every Monday, follow along as reaffirm that intent all week and join us in celebrating yoga, a renewed focus on health, and community!

For week one she’s starting with Sun Salutations. You can support and comment on Tara’s intent by clicking the picture below. She will be affirming the Intent all week long and adding videos to help you learn and improve your own sun salutations to support you on your yoga journey!

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