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Does it ever feel like being a realist is synonymous with being a cynic? You want to stay grounded in your hoping and dreaming, so you end up focusing on the worst case scenario. If you’re aware of the worst case, at least you can’t be disappointed. But there are plenty of books, news articles and bumper stickers that remind us about the power of positive thinking.

A recent article from Deepak Chopra said,

If you want to create a compelling new chapter in your life, the first step is to do away with all boundaries. This means letting go of any labels you habitually use to identify yourself, for the moment you define yourself, you limit yourself. Instead of saying “I am this” or “I am that,” practice saying “I am everything” and “I am the universe.”

You want to step into a new, wonderful stage of your life? Instead of retreating back to your usual corner of “realism”, maybe visualize the big, bright, beautiful future you’ve been keeping down. Walk confidently in that direction. Visualize the positive and see what might come of it!