Intent of the Day: 10 Minutes


Stop right where you are. In the swirl of all that you have going on, sometimes all you need is 10 minutes to yourself and often times that is the one thing you think you can’t have. In reality, 10 minutes fly by and making a little space for yourself can be the difference between powering through your day and crawling over the finish line. So what can you do with 10 minutes? Here are 3 ways to a few minutes alone:

  • Sit somewhere alone. In the midst of a lot of pressure from people, sometimes all you need is 10 minutes to sit alone. Whether you choose to turn off the lights in your office, taking a break to be alone in a restroom, sit in your car or even take 10 at a coffee shop with your favorite playlist going through your headphones, limiting the stimulation for a few minutes and being by yourself might be just what you need to bounce back.


  • Give your brain a different task. If you’re finding yourself stuck in a problem, take 10 minutes to give your brain a different problem to work on and solve. A simple task like making a to-do list, doing a puzzle or reading an article may seem arbitrary but it might just be the sense of accomplishment you need to get back to a much more difficult task. If you’re needing a break, give your brain a little distraction with something you can quickly and easily knock out of the park.


  • Get your blood flowing by doing a couple of stretches. Need a reason to get up from your desk? A couple quick stretches will help redirect your attention and energy for long enough to get a restart when you come back to your last project. As you stay in a stressed state, tension overflows from being emotional to being very physical so a break to stretch reminds your body that you’re okay.

Of course there are so many things you can do with a 10 minute break. They don’t have to be big, complex or ingenious. They just need to happen. Some other ideas include:

-Take a shower. It’s the one place you can’t take a phone call or email in the middle of it.
-Listen to a podcast or book on tape.
-Set a timer and close your eyes. No side tasks. No chit chats. Just rest.
-Text a friend. Let them refill your love tank just a bit.
-Enjoy a snack that you’ve been looking forward to. When you go through the effort of packing a snack, you get to spend your day waiting for the perfect moment to pause and enjoy!