Intent of the Day: Address the Internal


With all the things we can see needing our attention, it can be easy to neglect those things that aren’t leaping out at us. What do we mean? We mean the emotions, physical signs and red flags coming up on the inside. Yesterday we began to discover the correlation between our physical health and our feelings. Today we want to honor what is going on inside by slowing down enough to listening and then giving credence to what we discover.

Today our intent is to address the internal. You too? Here are 3 resources to help:

  • These 11 reasons you should consider talk therapy from
    Talking with our own parents recently, it was interesting to discover what a strong stigma remained about the subject of therapy. It can be perceived as weakness. It can be seen as whining. But perhaps one of these 11 reasons will convince you that there are physiological, mental and emotional benefits to talking it out.


  • This wise advice from people actively in therapy

    “What if I haven’t gone through anything really terrible?” Therapy doesn’t have to be reserved for severely traumatic experiences. Whether it is because you need an impartial opinion or you want to change patterns in your own life, a therapist can be there to help. There is no reason too big, too small or too unimportant to make time for yourself to examine what’s going on inside.


  • This depression screening test from Psych Central
    Are there patterns in your life that seems to have no correlation? Do you just hve bad days? Or perhaps you’ve come to believe that you just have more anger than other people. More sensitivity. More whatever. Maybe these “mores” don’t have to be the case. Perhaps depression isn’t something you deal with or even on your radar but mental or emotional health screenings may be something to start thinking about.


Special note: your feelings can be indicators of something else. If you are concerned about how you’re feeling inside (whether that is emotional or physical), please do not hesitate to connect with a medical professional as soon as possible.