Intent of the Day: Beauty We See


This week it has been our intention to notice beauty in the places we tend to take for granted or overlook. In ourselves, in others, in our surroundings. The act of noticing causes us to slow down and to train our eyes to look for something specific. To notice beauty is to disrupt the cycle we can find ourselves in where we are noticing what didn’t go our way. We end up noticing the people we don’t like, the ways we were slighted, the things that didn’t go our way, the disappoints we have with others and ourselves. Adter spending the week noticing the beautiful, we want to take the next step and call out the beauty we see. Why? Because it’s nice for someone else to hear? Sure. But we are also changed when we speak out the kindness and goodness we recognize.

How? He are 3 ways we were changed:

  • It has caused us to notice.
    If you’re seeing to speak your observations out loud, then you have to notice. And what are you going to notice? In moments when hatefulness and hopelessness seemed overwhelming, it became all the more important to notice instances of love and hope. As Mr. Rogers is famous for saying in times of trouble, “look for the helpers”. We want to be the kind of people who look for the helpers, who are the helpers, who let helpers count just as much if not more than the destruction.
  • It has caused us to respond with action by speaking it out loud.
    The first step is noticing but there is something that clicks in our brains when we see and then say. It puts motion into our thoughts and reminds us that we are capable. It passes on kind words to people who may so desperately need them. In times of struggle especially, it is important to identify the ways you can contribute to health and healing. Words are an important part of that process. We want to be the kind of people who are moved to act by the beautiful things we notice.
  • It has caused us to choose words of positivity and growth.
    Instead of verbalizing our complaints this week, we were making a point to speak about the things we loved and appreciated. Instead of being angry or mean, our attention was going towards conversations about the hope we had and happy surprises.  It is amazing what can happen in a person when the choose to see and speak positivity. We want to people be people who choose words wisely, selecting statements that defend, uplift, encourage, restore, and empathize. We want to people who demonstrate a value for those traits and we will start by choosing our words accordingly.

What about you? How have you been changed by choosing to notice and speak out the beauty you see?