Intent of the Day: Beauty in Ourselves


What does beauty mean?
Does it mean you’re a model? Does it mean everyone wants to go on a date with you? Does it mean you make everyone envious? We find that more often than not, we have a complicated relationship with beauty. Sometimes the words we hear on the subject leave us feeling isolated and not enough. But that doesn’t make them true. As we find beauty in the world around us, we are finding that it first starts with how we see ourselves.

What is your measure of beauty?
Is it the skin you’re in?
Is it the posture of your heart?
Is it your actions or your words?
It matters.
If you can’t see beauty in the world, it may be because it is very hard for you to acknowledge what is beautiful about yourself.
So today our intent is to start there.
We intend to see the beauty in ourselves.
Because when we can accept beauty in ourselves, we can accept others in the same way.

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:

  • These 21 quotes to remind you of the beauty within yourself.
    It can feel like society is shouting an opposite message everyday.
    You are not enough.
    You are not worth our time.
    You are not who we wanted.
    Those words can tap into our darkest fears and the saddest parts of our soul. But today we want to share words that remind you that your beauty is real and a thing that should be acknowledged. The things you don’t like about yourself may always exist, but you are also a unique and beautiful creation. That can be true too, so let’s celebrate it!


  • These encouraging words on beauty from choreographer Debbie Allen.

    Is it time for you to claim your beauty? Famed choreographer/actor/author Debbie Allen thinks the power is in you to do so.


  • These 11 ways to see your own beauty, from Maria Shriver.
    Right now, you have every possibility of being a gift to the people around you, but do you see yourself in that? It may be hard to realize your potential for good when you don’t recognize your beauty and worth. There is beauty in the love you have for friends, family and even the people you interact with only once. There is beauty in your desire to share kindness. There is beauty in making space for others to feel safe to be themselves. If that’s you, you have to start leaning into the beauty.