Intent of the Day: Best for Our Bodies


It was this year that we got serious about our diets- how much sugar we were consuming, how much we were dining out, how many miles we were running. In little ways, we edged out the processed foods and replaced it for real food and it wasn’t very long before momentary relapses produced interesting results. A cupcake before was barely a speed bump but now it could bring on a headache within several minutes. When there was a routine schedule for eating, it could get messy to deviate from it. It was then that our team started to notice that our bodies really did have something to say! We just hadn’t noticed before because the airwaves were so noisy with all the things coming and going: stress, processed foods, children, spouses, dates, vacations, the list goes on and on.

So today our intent is to listen to our bodies and find what works best. Not every meal plan, exercise regimen or relaxation technique will work for you. Your job is to listen and notice.
Ready to listen too? Here are 3 resources to help:

  • These 10 tips for finding the best diet for you from WebMD.
    Not everything is going to work for everyone. Some people require more protein based on their fitness and health goals. Some people do extremely poorly with certain food groups. Your caloric intake will change based on your height, weight and age. Structures may have to change based on whether  you’re also feeding a family or you’re on the road a lot. To try and squeeze yourself into the current fad diet is a recipe for crashing and burning. Instead use these tools to be honest about your current situation: how much free time do you have? who are you feeding? what are your biggest roadblocks?


  • This reminder from Mallika Chopra of how setting an intent requires you to really determine where you are.

    The circumstances that prompted Mallika Chopra to write Living with Intent were rooted in a life that was out of control in all areas- career, family, health. She was out of touch with what her body was trying to communicate and it was creating a person she didn’t recognize. Maybe, for you, there is one glaring issue. Maybe it’s several. Take a minute to watch and ask ourself the questions about what is broken and what is working well. It is the beginning to finding a solution to the things that feel off.


  • These suggestions on what your body might really need when you’re in the midst of some serious cravings.
    As it turns out, it may take some time to figure out what our body really needs. A lot of common cravings are actually alerts to real nutrients we’re needing but we don’t always receive those messages clearly, so we load up on readily accessible sweets or snacks and never end up solving the problem. Today, slow down and eat mindfully. Notice what things you’re craving and when. Is it after a big lunch? Is it after you’ve skipped meals all day? Is it after a very salty snack? Perhaps what you think you’re craving needs a new solution instead of your usual go-to fix.