Intent of the Day: Clean House


I am never five minutes into stripping the clutter from my life before I start running into
the clutter that is my life.
-Robert Brault

It’s funny how our home space says so much about our brain space. For some, the clutter in their brain is the opposite of their spotless home. For others, the exact opposite. For still others, the clutter they feel is exactly the picture you discover when you enter their living space. Sometimes the overwhelming feeling can feel very debilitating. Sometimes it’s the weight that keeps you from feeling like you can dive into something new. There is something important about the practice of deciding what needs to move forward with you and what needs to be let go that extends beyond just getting rid of stuff.  Either way, cleaning house figuratively and literally is a great task to take on as you prepare for a new year!

Our intent of the day is to clean house! Thinking about it? Here’s why it’s good for you!

  • These ways that cleaning house can contribute to your overall health and happiness.
    It means more than just being able to invite people over without having to feel embarrassed. Tidying, decluttering and finding a space for everything that you own has been known to boost overall happiness and make the space you’re needing to get healthy. Who isn’t interested in a little extra health and happiness in exchange for some stuff you’re not needing anymore? Check out the perks here!


  • These hacks for keeping your bedroom/bathroom clean on the regular so you’re not tackling a mountain of mess.

    We love this channel because there are a variety of routines for all the spaces in your home. We love this video because it talks about setting intention habits that prevent mess and clutter from building up to begin with and we like that plan best of all.


  • These 10 ways to creatively declutter your home.
    Need to be tricked into cleaning? Understandable. It doesn’t have to be a chore when you come up with ways to creatively get everything back in order. We loved these 10 tricks for everything from purging items to determining what value certain items hold in order to keep what matters most.

So what about you? What are your go-to tips for getting organized and letting go of the mess?