Intent of the Day: Committed to Growth


In all things, we have the opportunity to either stagnate or grow. We have the opportunity to be better or struggle to stay the same. By not choosing, it doesn’t mean we won’t make a choice. By not choosing, it simply means that we delay stepping into something new and amazing. That is why today, our intent is to stay committed to growth. Today we choose.

You too? Here are 3 ways to do so:

  1. Foster empathy.

    Part of growing means being impacted by the world around you and it is highly likely that people are part of that world. Being able to empathize allows you to gain the knowledge of experiences you may never have personally because you connect and be impacted by those around you. Reject the notion that you are without that capability and instead, set an intent to allow others to expand your mind, your opinion and your view of the world.
  2. Actively push the boundaries.
    When we settle into a routine, sometimes we can accidentally topple into complacency. Now we’re doing the same thing over and over because that’s what we do, not because that’s what we want. If we are to continue growing, it will require intentional focus on pushing the boundaries and checking in with ourselves.
  3. Commit to the truth
    Growth will mean hearing the truth whether we like it or not. It will include some constructive criticism. It will include some celebration. Commit to hearing the truth for your betterment and to surrounding yourself with people who will support you in that intent.