Intent of the Day: To Connect


If you’re sitting somewhere with your head down, just trying to make it through the day, we’re with you. This is why our intent today is about connecting. Sometimes it is when we want it the least that we need it the most. We want to encourage you to pick your eyes up and look around. Who’s there? Maybe it’s a barista. Maybe it’s your best friend. Whether it is a person you will see again or not, we encourage you to make the most of today by reaching outside of your bubble and allowing yourself to be impacted by those around you. Let them be impacted by you too. The world seems to be in desperate need of it!

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:

  • This Brene Brown quote about connecting from Super Soul Sunday.
    The thing is something happens when we connect. It happens because we are seen and known and it will happen when one feels seen and known. When you make an intent to genuinely connect, everyone has the opportunity to leave better.



What is your intent for the people you meet?
What do you hope they see of you and how do you hope to impact their views on creating connection?