Intent of the Day: Cut Down on the Sugar


Setting food goals is an important step for us in getting balanced nutritionally. This is why we decided to get a jump on one of the toughest aspects of eating- curbing the sugar.
It’s in everything at this point and there is so much to learn about sugar alternatives, processed sugars, even natural sugars like honey. In the meantime, our intent is to cut down on the sugar. 
You too? Here are three resources to help:

  • This slideshow on the truth about sugar addiction.
    Is sugar addiction a real thing? Is it different from just really loving soda? WebMD put together this informative presentation about what sugar addiction is and how it impacts your body. Perhaps it’s not something you’ve ever considered, but as we start to notice our habits and what we’re feeding ourselves, now is a great time to get informed about labels, what “sugar-free means”, etc. Determine whether sugar is an issue in your life (if you’re an American, there’s a very good chance it is).


  • This video about what sugar does to your brain.

    Is there anything wrong with having donuts in the morning, a latte in the afternoon and dessert at night? That sounds normal, right? The truth is what you eat affects your body in huge ways and sugar is no different. This video explains how your brain is dealing with all the sweets, and it’s definitely something to be concerned about.


  • This infographic with helpful tips for breaking your sugar addiction.
    So maybe you’re addicted and maybe you’re not. Regardless, we could all stand to have less sugar in our system. So what does that mean? It feels like sugar is hidden in everything. Here are 10 habits you can integrate into your eating to help limit your intake.

What are your tips for kicking your sugar habit?
Is sugar a problem in your household?