Intent of the Day: Enjoy the Break


Maybe you’ve just found yourself with a spare five minutes to your name. Celebrate, because it doesn’t happen every day. If you’re like us, maybe your first instinct was to seek out a forgotten task you could use to fill those five minutes. I mean, if we’ve got the time, might as well be productive, right? Before you rush off, we want to submit the idea that perhaps you just take those five minutes to rest. Perhaps you take those five minutes and just enjoy each of the 300 seconds as they come.

We intend to enjoy the break.

Why? Here are 3 parts of you that could use it:

  1. Your body needs a break
    “Go harder” isn’t always the solution. When we feel fatigued, we may be tempted to “power through” but your body isn’t meant to go full throttle all the time. Don’t believe us? Here are 11 ways to know if your body needs a break.
  2. Your mind needs a break
    If your creativity and productivity are on a decline, the best thing may seem like the most counterproductive thing and that is giving your brain a break. You aren’t breathing if you’re only exhaling. In the same way, your brain needs time to input as much as output. If you’re needing to boost productivity, may we suggest taking a mind timeout and here are 3 activities to help you do that!
  3. Your heart needs a break

    What is without periods of rest will not endure. -Ovid

    Disappointment, grief, sadness are all real experiences but they also become things we’re inclined to brush under the rug since they aren’t happy and positive experiences. The truth is they take a toll on your heart and pretending like they don’t won’t change the fact that they do. Hope can also be a weight when you start to lose it. Know that as resilient and fickle as the heart may be, it needs a break. It needs acknowledgement of feelings and truth and it’s okay to take a moment to rest.