Intent of the Day: Enjoy the People We’re With


You are where you are right now. Who knows how long it’ll last. Whether it’s a perfect experience or a miserable one, how are you making an effort to connect with the people you’re with right now? We don’t want the circumstances to dictate how much fun we’re having with the friends, families, random strangers who come into our lives. So today, our intent is to enjoy the people we’re with.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you settle down and connect:



  • This key to connecting with anyone really, from SoulPancake

    Scared you can’t just settle down and connect? Afraid that it’ll be difficult to enjoy time with the people you have? This is fair. Connection might be a muscle you haven’t exercised in a while, so we love this video about the keys to making a real space for another person.