Intent of the Day: Evaluate and Celebrate


We’ve come to the end of the week and before we check out for the weekend, we want to share our newest intent. We intend to evaluate and celebrate! We want to end this week well, review all that happened and proceed into our next Monday. At the same time, we want to acknowledge the good as much as the difficult. Enjoy the successes with some much earned celebration!

Here are resources to help:


  • This wisdom from big succeeders reflecting on their biggest successes.

    From Bloomberg, we find these powerhouses of industry, politics, arts and beyond share their reflections on what it has meant to be a success. Would you say you agree?


  • This good reminder.
    celebrateIf you’re moving forward in the direction of your dreams and aspirations, then that is a victory and it’s worth celebrating. When can dwell on the mistakes and the failures for much longer than we should but we can neglect to recognize any victories at all, so in your evaluation, don’t forget to have a party for all the distance you’ve traveled!

At the end of this work week, we hope you take time to reflect on all that has happened.
Celebrate the victories. Recover from the failures.
Honor and receive it all.