Intent of the Day: Expect Good


Does mindset matter? Or are some of us just luckier than others? When you’re experiencing a string of bad news, what is there to be done? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while we can have no control over our circumstances, we have entire control over our outlook. We want to focus on the good not only when things are easy, but more importantly when things are tough. That is when the focus really matters and helps. That’s when it can change the tide from drowning to swimming. It’s our desire to spend more days swimming than sinking. Our intent is to expect good from today.

You too? Here are 3 things to help:



  • This positivity pep talk from author and speaker Jon Gordon

    The amazing Jon Gordon shares his story of traveling with the entire family, mounting stress and staying positive in the midst of it all. Be encouraged! Expect good when things get wild!