Intent of the Day: Fair Expectations for our Time


If your life was the movie Home Alone, what part would you be living right now? Are you the scene where the dozen family members are running around like mad people trying to load up vans and get to the airport? Are you the scene where they forget Kevin at home? We get it. A lot is happening right now and it can be very easy to rush through the month of December. Before you run right off the rails, we want to slow down and think honestly and fairly about the time we have available. Our intent? It’s to set fair expectations for our time.

You too? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when evaluating your schedule:

What do I want to do?
Before we think about all the things we think we have to do, let’s take a minute to ask ourselves what we want to do. Have you given yourself a minute to think about it? It’s much more difficult to say yes to the things that make you happy when you don’t know what those things are. This year our family committed to making a list of the holiday activities we would be sad to miss. This way we prioritize what truly matters and give ourselves permission to say no to things that aren’t on the list.

What can I do?
Slow down the “yes” train. Before you commit to another party, gift-exchange, cookie-whatever, think about what you’ve already said yes to. By agreeing to do something, we are hoping it means you’ve budgeted travel time, meal time, time to sleep 8 hours a night. Is it worth over-extending if you and your family will ultimately pay the price for your exhaustion? Be honest about what you can do. Be graceful with people who can’t commit to your activities too. Everyone is trying to do a lot in a short amount of time, so understand there is only so much you can do.

What must I do?
Just because the holidays are here, it doesn’t mean all our commitments go on hold. What must you do? We’re talking about work. We’re talking about family. We’re talking about disciplines. Make time for your commitment now and prevent starting a new year feeling like you’re already behind.