Intent of the Day: Feet Firmly Planted


If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.
We’ve all heard some variation of that adage, right? Much like a misstep in the waves will send us tumbling down into the water, uncertainty in our beliefs can leave us feeling tossed about throughout our day. While staying pliable and open is also a positive attribute, we want to have a solid starting point. We want the confidence of standing for things that are tested and tried in our own lives, knowing that we can still be receptive to differing opinions and change. We intend to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you do the same:

  • Testing your feelings and beliefs.
    Before you go into heart surgery, doctors will occasionally schedule a stress test. Before some difficult physical undertakings (think: hiking huge mountains, long distance runs), a stress test is also recommended. You want to know the level of stress your heart can handle before undergoing rigorous treatment or exercise. we have heard it said that “if you can’t test it, you can’t trust it”, meaning that until you’ve field tested some of your beliefs, it can feel difficult to rest on them. This is why you examining your thoughts and seeing how they hold up is so important if you’re going to stand firm when things get loud and noisy. Let this be your opportunity to disconnect from faulty or outdated mindsets and adopt ones that work for where you are today. Consider wisdom from the past and let it prove that it holds up. This way, you are able to stand firm and move forward confidently knowing that you have tested and tried every thought.


  • Sharing your feelings and beliefs.
    Do you remember the first time you shared a family tradition that you thought was commonly shared, only to discover that it was something that just your family did? Sometimes you don’t notice weirdness until it is shared, so if you are feeling unsure about something you think or believe, open up to the people you trust. Do they notice anything unusual or untrue of you? Perhaps verbalizing your feelings is all you need for you to recognize something that is off. Not everyone has to agree with your beliefs or opinions, but if you can communicate your position clearly and concisely and without huge red flags (think: extremely destructive opinions focused on yourself or someone else), you know that you have something solid.


  • Deciding on your feelings and beliefs.
    It’s hard to stand firm on feelings and beliefs when you’ve never actually thought through what you think and feel. If the previous 2 suggestions left you feeling disconnected, maybe it’s an indicator that you first need to take time to decide on your beliefs. What do you think about the future of our country? What do you think about the future of the environment. They don’t even have to be huge life questions to warrant taking time to think about them. Do you think the bill should be split evenly on a first date or should one person pay? Everyday we walk into so many situations where we are having to making decisions, silently or aloud, and with no opinions or consideration at all, we can find ourselves regretting every word we say. Does it feel daunting to consider how many random scenarios you could potentially have to think about? Start small. Start with the things you know. Family interactions. Work dynamics. Passion projects. What are the conversations you’re regularly having? Start with those and move on from there!