Intent of the Day: Forgive


To be considering forgiveness means you have something to forgive. It means you’ve been hurt, betrayed, upset, done wrong. It is the story of us as people: helping and harming, sometimes in the same breath, and so many of us walk through our days with battle wounds amassed over the years. From strangers. From friends. From family. From our spouses.

Holding on to the anger and sadness has been a heavy burden, so today our intent is to forgive. We understand that forgiveness can be complicated and take a long time. It can feel unfair and it can feel weak, but we hope to change our minds on that. Are you creating an intent to forgive as well? Here are 3 resources that helped us:

  • These words of wisdom about what forgiveness really is.
    forgive1 forgive2

    Forgiveness is more than just lip service. It is a posture of your heart and mind. It is an understanding of humanity and humans as individuals. It is about not holding on to a thing that could continue to destroy you and not forcing others to experience the same. What would forgiveness cost you? What has unforgiveness cost you? Both will have a price and it is up to you to determine what is worth more.


  • This message from Dolph Lundgren about his childhood physical abuse and the power of forgiveness.

    Your hurt is not irrelevant. The harmful things that have happened to you don’t have to be bottled up and locked away. Forgiveness is not the same as denying or forgetting. Forgiveness is a step on the journey of acknowledging the hurts and directing those feelings toward understanding and a positive outcome for yourself. Please don’t feel like forgiveness means you have to deny your abuse. Forgiveness is about moving you physically, mentally and emotionally out of that space where you will only ever see yourself in that one moment, in that one role. It is about moving to a place a safety, to a place of truth and to a place of healing. There is no story too broken, which is why we love hearing from actor Dolph Lundgren. A man whose stature and strength will forever be captured on film as a boxing villain shares a tempered story of abuse, neglect and anger as a child. He shares where he came from and where he’s going with the power of forgiveness at his fingertips.


  • This article about the power of forgiveness for healing your body.
    Forgiveness isn’t just good for you. It is good for you. Your body responds both to negative and positive emotions and energies. Holding on to resentment, grief and anger may feel justified, but ultimately, continues a cycle where you are being hurt and injured. You have the opportunity to stop that cycle. And just what does that cycle look like? Read about it here!