Intent of the Day: Fun in the Moment


Happy Halloween! Today is a day full of fun and whimsy and maybe a little too much chocolate. You’ll find out which coworkers are clever and which ones think “office worker” is a cool costume. You’ll hopefully get to see babies dressed as all varieties of zoo animals and Stranger Things characters. And maybe crowds stress you out or Halloween is not our favorite, but we hope that today, you take a moment to enjoy a little reprieve from your everyday routine for even the smallest silliness. Our intent is to find the fun in the moment.

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:


  • These 12 ways to connect to your fun side from Prevention Magazine!
    “Life without fun and games isn’t just dull—it’s downright unhealthy.” Prevention Magazine has some real simple ways to help you see the light-hearted moments in your day because not only is it fun, it’s also good for your heart. 12 ways to have fun? Sign us up!


  • These 100 fun things to do this fall. In alphabetical order, if that helps!

    Need help getting the wheels in your brain turning? Here are 100 idea starters for you and your friends or family this Fall. What are you looking forward to the most?