Intent of the Day: Get Outside!


With weather warming up, now is a good time to mix up the old routine! Rather than work through all the daylight hours, we want to find new ways to enjoy the sunshine. Thanks to daylight savings, our days are a little longer so even after-work hours are in play if we really put our minds to it. We intend to get outside!

You too? Here are 3 ways to take advantage of the sunshine:

  • Plan your meetings outside.
    Rather than set up your get-togethers in a restaurant or coffee shop, opt for the patio, a park or pool-side! Take advantage of the sunshine by remembering that not every meeting has to happen tucked inside.


  • Rearrange your errands.
    You are exhausted after work, we get it. All you want is to go right home and put off the grocery shopping, dry cleaning, random odds and ends for Saturday. Our encouragement? Try using that daytime to get your errands done during the week so that you can take advantage of getting outside all weekend. Don’t miss out on this beautiful weather because you were taking on all the things you postponed.


  • Find new interests.
    What do you do when you want to relax? Watching a movie, cooking, reading tend to be common ways of hibernating when one is recovering or resting. Maybe this is the perfect time to explore some new interests- hiking, walking (have you really explored your neighborhood? Googling walking tours for your local area can return some pretty cool results!), basketball, swimming, art fairs, the list is endless! Use the sunshine as an excuse to find some exciting new interests this summer season!