Intent of the Day: Get Outside!


Spring is around the corner and that means it’s time to start adventuring. Climb out of that winter hibernation. Dust off your boots, dig out your backpack and get going. If you’re not quite ready to trek too far from home, we still have a couple of sneaky ways to start incorporating the outdoors into your day-to-day routine. Our intent? It’s to go outside!

You too? Here are 3 ways you can squeeze it in:

  1. Schedule a walking meeting.
    We promise, if you want to revolutionize your brainstorming time, then talk and walk. There is something about the flow of ideas that happens when your body is also in motion so next time, instead of locking yourself or your team in a sterile conference room, grab a notepad and start walking. Where to doesn’t matter. The point is to get your blood and your creative juices flowing.
  2. Take your phone calls outside.
    Instead of parking it on your couch, consider spending your time on the phone outside rather than inside. If you’re the kind of person who could spend the whole day on the phone, whether with friends or with business calls, use that time where you’re tied to your phone to get some steps in. Provided you don’t live next to a train station, it’s likely your caller will have no idea that you’re chatting and getting to spend some time on the move rather than stuck behind a desk or in a seat.
  3. Discover what is in walking distance.
    Rather than drive to dinner, check out what is in walking distance that you might’ve overlooked. Is the pharmacy around the corner? Walk. Leave enough time to walk. Plan out your day so you have time to walk places because getting outside is fun and good for you! You’ll be amazed at what is around you when you slow down enough to see it. An amazing park! A lake you never noticed! A great Thai place! And there is no excuse to get outside like taking a walk down the road to grab a coffee or a snack, so discover what is out there and then let it be the best reason to get outside and discover your neighborhood.

How do you find ways to get outside?