Intent of the Day: Habits for Health


Every new years resolution list comes with some note on our health.
We want to lose 10 pounds.
We want to be able to run a mile without stopping.
We want to take that hiking trip and train all summer to prepare.
Those are awesome goals and we encourage you to make them but we also want to encourage those goals not to fall flat. To do that, start by setting small intents along the way that will promote reaching those dreams. If you’re wanting to run a mile, perhaps an app like Couch to 5k which does increasing interval training alternating between walking and running is something to download and start using everyday. Perhaps on your way to losing 10 pound, you set smaller intents for drinking water, getting rest and cutting down on sugar. So our intent today? It’s to create habits for health that will become the groundwork for bigger and bolder intents!

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:


  • These health habits you actually need in your life from Buzzfeed.

If you are looking to create some habits to create and maintain health in your life, where do you start now? Diet soda is officially scrapped, right? Buzzfeed shares some habits that go a long way in promoting the healthy lifestyle that long felt hard to grasp or manage. Simple things like standing up or being grateful actually go a long way for your heart health!

What habits would make the biggest impact on your life?
What barriers do you find stopping you from launching those habits?