Intent of the Day: Healthy Relationships


Stuck in a cycle of unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships? You’re not alone. As you seek to express the feelings and ideas in your mind, an important next step will be connecting with people who help you feel heard and empowered. When we feel safe and loved, we are so much more likely to be active and impactful in our intentions. So we’re starting with step one. Our intent is to seek healthy relationships. These are people who are patient and listening, people who are kind and honest, people who are encouraging and also ready to share their hopes and inspiration. Do you know the names of those people? If so, maybe this is a good time to invest in those relationships. If not, maybe this is an important time to find people who are ready to rise to the occasion along side you!

On the hunt? Here are 3 things to help you find and develop healthy relationships:

  • These reasons why you can’t find a healthy relationship, from Iyanla Vanzant

    Noticing a pattern of bad or no relationships? Sure, it could be everyone else, but there is also the chance that we are a contributing factor to the repetitive trends in our life. Iyanla asks some pretty pointed questions to make you consider whether YOU want to be with you before we can make room for another person.


  • This secret to finding healthy relationships from Deepak Chopra

    Is there a secret ingredient to finding and growing healthy relationships? Deepak shares the mindset that not only impacts your bodily function but also builds a bridge for you to have stronger and more sound connections with others. It begins with you! Change how you think and you stand the chance of stopping the pattern of bad habits that keep you locked in with toxic emotions.