Intent of the Day: Honest the First Time


Practice makes permanent. Not all of us have spent time developing the muscle of knowing what we think and feel in the moment. We’ve found ourselves agreeing to or missing out on experiences that don’t line up with what we want, but that’s a part of growing and discovering who we are. Strengthening the muscle of knowing ourselves can be bumpy. It can mean having to have a conversation twice. It can mean having to change our minds. Those things might feel like our practice isn’t worth it, but push on!

The hope is that you start to know what you prefer. You start to know what truth and authenticity feels like in your bones. We learn not to shirk away when it feels uncomfortable to tell the truth. It is with practice that we grow and and learn. We intend to be honest the first time.

You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • Being honest from the start means not having to go back.
    So you said yes and now you regret it. You committed to too much and now you have to cancel on important plans. It may be difficult telling the truth about how much time you have, your capabilities or even your interest face-to-face, especially with technology allowing us to flake out on plans so easily, but being honest up front means not having to back out at the last minute.


  • Being honest from the start means you are known.
    When we are able to communicate what we want, it means people know what we’re about. People have the chance to know what you stand for and this is the kind of knowledge that opens doors and opportunities. Committed and hard working? That’s a side of yourself that should be known. Passionate about something such as the environment and clean energy? When you are known by what you love and support, you are known well.


  • Being honest from the start gives you the chance to actually enjoy yourself.
    Isn’t this what we all hope for? That our time is spent on things we love with people we love? When you can be honest about those things, you stand the best chance of spending that time well. Rather than running around meeting the demands of everything that comes your way, you can slow down by saying yes only to the very best. Your children won’t have to be prioritized behind a last minute email. Time at the gym won’t get canceled for time cleaning up someone else’s emergency.

Being honest can take practice.
Being honest can feel scary.
Still, setting an intent to be honest about who you are means learning how to enter every day without the stress and anxiety of living someone else’s life. Choose you. Be you.