Intent of the Day: Keep it Consistent


Success isn’t always about greatness.
It’s about consistency.
Consistent hard work leads to success.
Greatness will come.
-Dwayne Johnson

Most of us wouldn’t turn down a gold medal. We want the victory, we want the prize, we want to win, and as Dwayne Johnson mentioned, we want the greatness. But what are the ingredients for greatness? As simple as it sounds, you can’t skip over the showing up. You can’t skip the day-to-day work on the things that matter if you want them to bloom and blossom into a way of life. Our intent is to keep it consistent. Our intent is to show up every day and do the work.

You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • Resist the urge for more.
    Whether it’s  consistency in your schedule or character, resist the urge to fill up on more. You wanted to accomplish a particular task so you made space but then you filled the space up with other things. Don’t let emptiness cause you to fill up on other things. Sometimes the thing you need for consistency is the space and time to really get a task or habit done. Start out by leaving larger windows of time, energy, etc. If you’re trying to consistently make your lunch everyday rather than buying it on the go, it’s going to require space and time in other parts of your day to meal plan, go grocery shopping and prepare your lunch the day before. If you’re trying to live a life of purpose and direction, make the emotional and mental space to take risks and make mistakes.


  • Keep it at the forefront.
    When building or reinforcing a habit or mindset, a helpful tool in creating consistency is keeping it on the forefront. Whether that means setting up calendar reminders, writing it on your bathroom mirror or setting up an accountability group, when you’re constantly reminded, you are more likely to stay on it.


  • Decide why it matters.
    Why are you wanting to lose 20 pounds? Is it because you want to feel comfortable in your bathing suit this summer? Is it because you want to start making healthier decisions so you’re around to see your grandchildren grow up? Is it because you are at high risk for a heart condition and would like to be proactive in your own strengthening and care? All of those are good motivators and if you can determine your why you stand a better chance of sticking to your what. When you get lazy, when you get tired or when you are tempted to prioritize something else, having your why is what will bring you back to your goal.