Intent of the Day: A Little Extra Kind


Holidays can be tough. Post-holidays can get harder.
The likelihood that you will bump into (or be) someone extra sensitive, overly anxious or unnecessarily upset is at an all-time high and our first reaction might be to match their emotional level. You feel justified in lashing out or shutting down, but is that really the best way to navigate this situation? Perhaps what everyone needs is a little extra dose of grace and kindness and where better to get those ingredients than you? Today our intent is to be a little extra kind.

You too? here are some ways and some reasons:


  • This reminder that we never know who is fighting a hard battle, what that battle looks like and just how much they could use a little extra kindness

    This is a slightly older commercial but we loved the reminder that not every thing is as it seems. The man washing the windows, the woman rushing to catch the bus- try to see them as a full human with a story versus being a speed bump in your way. Your kindness may be the fuel they are needing to make it through the day.