Intent of the Day: A Little Quiet


This morning has come and gone, and maybe it was a frantic mess. Maybe, like us, you rolled out of bed 30 minutes later than expected with 10 minutes to be somewhere. Maybe this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s no surprise then when you feel tired, discouraged and running behind all day until you finally get to crash back into bed and start all over again. Doing something different is going to require intention. Our intent is to start the day with a little quiet and so we want to decide what patterns, habits and mindsets need to stay while we also consider which need to go.

Needing a little less tornado in your mornings? Here are 3 things to help you:


  • This 15 minute yoga flow for a mindful morning, from Brett Larkin

    No prior yoga experience is required for this 15 minutes of quiet in your morning. To power yourself through the day, consider incorporating a practice of getting your blood flowing first thing in the morning with either this sequence or some form of warm up. No tools required. No huge investment of time. Just a moment of quiet for yourself.