Intent of the Day: A Little Time for Yoga


Any time for yourself? Any time for health? We understand that you can be running low on hours even with daylight savings starting our days a little earlier. When it feels like there is absolutely no moment to rest and invest in yourself, that is exactly when you need to do it. So our intent for today? It is to find a little time for yoga.

Don’t think you can make it happen? Here are 3 people to inspire you:

  • Parents doing yoga
    Parenting children means not only keeping yourself alive, but also a pack of roaring wild animals who are reasonable one minute and can be bouncing off the walls the next. Still, many parents have found ways to incorporate their brood into their practice. We were so inspired this mama who attempts challenging yoga poses with the help of her kids! If she can do it, you can too!


  • People in the office doing yoga

    No time to make it to the yoga studio? The internet is fully of crazy and weird things, but it also has lots of resources for people who want to incorporate a little namaste into their work day. If that’s you, here is one you can try in your office today!


  • Kids doing yoga
    Surely no one has more stuff to do that kids! They’re discovering the world at lightning speed! They’re testing boundaries and pushing limits! They’re also making a little time for yoga. If your children are interested in finding a new adventure, here are poses for them to try! And if kids have the focus to Warrior pose, maybe you can find it too!