Intent of the Day: Love Looks Like


2016 was a particularly stressful year for many of us. Families and friends were divided politically, socially, geographically and that can force us to reconsider all we took for granted and expected from our relationships. What if we don’t agree? What does that mean for all of us? While this can feel scary, we want to consider a different and more empowering question. What will love look like when it’s full of intent?

We are excited about the opportunity to take an active role in deciding what love will look like for us. We are excited to be purposeful when it comes to loving those around us and beyond. To love with intent is to give our best effort at making a difference.
Today our intent is to decide what love will look like for us.

You too? Consider what it’ll look like to love these 3 groups of people in your life:

  • Deciding how you want to love yourself, with a little help from Deepak Chopra.

    Loving yourself should be the easiest thing in the world, right? Then how come so many of us are feeling worn out and alone? It’s hard to communicate what we need when we don’t know, which is why we loved this wisdom from Deepak Chopra on what is looks like and means to love yourself well.



  • Deciding how you want to love the world, with a little help from the BBC.
    Have you noticed all the wild and wonderful things around you? We understand. We get busy. We get scared. We get distracted and sometimes we just stop noticing. When we stop noticing, it’s impossible to love with intent, which is why we love these beautiful reminders for why staying checked in with the world is important. What will you do on behalf of the place we call home and the people who live there? No gesture is too large or small, so decide what it looks like for you. Let it be honest.