Intent of the Day: Make A Plan


It’s already happening. The calendar is filling up and everyday is a day where we have the potential to be double and triple booked. If this year is anything like year, it means there’s a great chance we’ll end up under the weather, irritable and missing the things that matter most if we’re not careful. So what do we do? Our intent today is to make a plan. Instead of letting everyday attack us, we want to mindfully consider what is important, say no to the things that aren’t and make sure we’re not exhausted come January 1.

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:


  • These tips for avoiding holiday burnout from success coach Michelle McCullough.

    As the years pass and families change, don’t forget to keep checking in about what matters most to everyone. Rather than continue traditions that have become just that, save your energy and efforts for the things that have real meaning to the people in your family right now rather than burning the candle at both ends and wearing yourself out, missing everything because you’re under the weather.


  • This reminder that we can prioritize happiness this holiday, and how to do it.
    Don’t forget that the key to a happy holiday season is remembering what really matters to you. Rather than stock up on the gadgets and the gear, prioritize the people and experiences you love the most. Rather than maxing out the credit cards on stuff you’ll end up tossing or running from party to party, figure out what you would be sad to miss and commit to giving the gift of your undivided attention first and foremost.