Intent of the Day: Meditate and Breathe


We know you’re all out there changing the world, but if we’re going to do this thing, it’s going to start by getting ourselves centered. We want to begin this day with a time of meditation and focus because when we start the day with intention, we are much more likely to accomplish our greatest desires. So what does starting with meditation look like? Does it mean candles and chanting? Do you need to have a fog machine? Meditation doesn’t have to be an other-worldly experience. It can be a quiet 10 minutes in your favorite chair first thing in the morning. Our intent is to start our day with meditation and breathing.

You too? We’ve got 3 things to help:

  • These meditation stereotypes that you can start changing your mind about, from Mallika Chopra

    Are the stereotypes stopping you from starting a meditation practice? Mallika Chopra walks through the hurdles that prevent you from sitting down and taking a moment for yourself.


  • These quick reasons why you should start meditating, also from Mallika Chopra

    Mallika Chopra shares the benefits that come with meditating on the daily. Good for your heart. Good for your mind. Good for your spirit. The positive impact of meditation is one that grows the longer you practice.


  • This breathing meditation from Mallika Chopra to try out today.

    Whether you’re at your desk, in your bed, or sitting outside, you’re in the perfect spot to take a quiet minute. Mallika Chopra guides you through a breathing meditation to help you sit and be still with purpose and intention.