Intent of the Day: Mindful about Setting Intents


Where are you with the intents that matter most? This is the quickest of encouragements to remind you that in the midst of the madness, don’t forget to:

Savor the moments. They fly by so fast, so don’t forget to sit undistracted. Leave your phone at home. Make cookies together. Take a walk together. Look one another in the eyes. You won’t remember how many likes you got on anything you posted online 20 years from now, but you will remember the time spent with the ones you love.

Remember your purpose. This is a valuable time so don’t slip into complacency or into whirlwind. Instead, refocus on what you hoped to accomplish this year, in this season of life. Let this be your plumb line for decision making when things get hazy.

Keep communicating. Keep honoring your feelings. Keep yourself dialoguing versus retreating in. Stay in contact with the people in your community. Share with others about the journey you’re on whether they’ve been with you every step of the way or not.
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