Intent of the Day: Open to New Ideas


We don’t always realize how much staying open is a conscious effort. To keep using your eyes, to keep moving forward means you’ve set an intent to see beyond what you’re used to seeing. New ideas means we have to know what we believe. It means we have to stay open and willing to face the uncomfortable and for so many, avoiding the uncomfortable it the whole point but what could happen if you weren’t afraid? Our intent is to stay open to new ideas.

You too? Here are 3 ways to help:


  • These 8 essentials of innovation from McKinsey&Company
    Hoping to create something new but finding yourself stuck? Consider opportunities to get outside of your usual boundaries. Meet new people. See new things. Experience new worlds. It sounds so basic but there is no substitute like expansion when it comes to innovation. Here are 8 things to help you do just that.


  • This reminder that happiness and creativity can be found by checking in right where you are

    Before you discount your now, take a moment to discover the brand new right where you are. Check out this TED talk from Matt Killingsworth about staying in the moment!