Intent of the Day: What Does Peace Feel Like?


We are familiar with the feelings of stress and anxiety.
We recognize the pounding heart, the tension in your forehead, the narrowed scope when it comes to listening and even seeing what’s going on around you.

As negative as those things can be, it can be easy to fall into what is familiar and culture can tell us that being stressed is standard. If stress is familiar, we can end up there over and over again. We can forget that it isn’t a healthy place to stay.

Do you know what peace feels like? It can feel more foreign than we realize because peace will require you to intentionally slow down to experience it, and the world is not always supportive of slowing down.

What does peace feel like? Does it feel like a lowered heartbeat? Does it feel like an unclouded mind? Does it feel like the weight has been removed from your shoulders?

What does peace sound like? Look like? Smell like?

If we don’t make space to experience peace, are we ever going to be in a mindset where we can make clear decisions, feel the fullness of now or really see people?

Not sure if you know what peace feels like? Here are some resources that might help:

  • This Youtube reading of “What Does Peace Feel Like”.
    The book was originally written by Vladimir Radunsky and he gets some help from children all over the world to help explain what peace feels like to the five senses.

  • This article on The Positivity Blog – “How to Find Inner Peace: Five Timeless Thoughts”
    Maybe peace feels like a thing you only find after you take a meditation retreat in Bali or if you have a full meltdown, walk away from your entire life and start again. Whether you’re on a mountaintop or at your desk, the truth is peace starts wherever your mind is. These simple reminders to “accept” and “forgive” can often be the hardest to follow through with and can wreak the most havoc when left unchecked.
  •  This infographic on the 4 types of mediation that will quickly improve your health and peace of mind.
    It is part of a longer piece by Anna Hunt on ways to make room for a peaceful experience. Meditation is a great way to calm those thoughts and give yourself literal breathing room. “Who has time to meditate???” If making space for yourself to have just 5-10 minutes seems impossible, then that is all the more reason to try.



What does peace feel like to you?