Intent of the Day: Permission to Say No


If no one has ever told you before, you can say no.

You have a freedom, a right, and the ability to say no and say yes but that doesn’t always mean it’s natural to act on it. History, upbringing, natural inclinations, all of it can blend into an atmosphere where it can be easy to agree with others even when it is problematic or even harmful to you. We do know this- saying no doesn’t necessarily get easier without practice. It means the first several times may feel gut-wrenching but as it goes with any intent, finding purpose and joy on the other side of your practice can encourage you to move through the discomfort to a new habit. There is something amazing about knowing you have the freedom to say no and it begins with knowing that freedom exists. We intend to give ourselves permission to say no.

You too? Here are 3 things to help with the fear:


  • These strategies for telling someone no without drowning in guilt
    “Okay, but what if it involves family?” “What if it has to do with something or someone at work? I can’t say no at work, right?” Real Simple Magazine walks through ways to decline as well as ways not to walk into the same situation a second time in a variety of scenarios. Our favorite part? They also walk through the reason you have permission to say no each time. Practice makes permanent!


  • These alternatives to saying no when saying no is a struggle, from Forbes

    You should be allowed to say no when you want to, but that is sometimes easier said than done. If you’re looking to ease into it, here are some alternatives that will help you build your ‘no’ muscle. We also loved the dismantling of these myths that make saying no harder than it needs to be.