Intent of the Day: Picture the Future


Tomorrow is election day in the US and many are nervous about what the future will hold. Will it be the end of the world at the strike of midnight? Will it be the answers to all our hopes and dreams? The bigger question is what do you hope the future will be like and what are you doing to build that future? Our intent is to picture the future we want to live in. It is with intention that we plan to build something we’re proud of.

You too? Here are 3 resources to help you.

  • This truth about the power of visualizing success long before it happens.
    Is there something magical about visualizing the future? Maybe it’s less magic and more to do with placing intention in even the smallest steps towards something you desire. We can also be very comfortable visualizing our failure (as unintentional as it may be). We visualize the bad news. We visualize the disappointed faces of our friends and families. We don’t always call this visualization but that’s exactly what it is and we can feel comfortable visualizing terrible scenarios while seeing success can seem diluted or unrealistic. But what if this is exactly what’s slowing you down from the future you dream of?


  • These 7 principles of manifesting your desires, from Deepak Chopra

    What does it take to see the future and what do you do with that information? Deepak Chopra shares seven principles when it comes to making your vision for the future a reality. If you knew you could take an active role in building the future, why wouldn’t you?


  • These wise words about creating and living.

    Do not downplay your role in creating the future. Everything you can see started out as somebody’s dream, from the largest to the smallest things we take for granted. What story will you live?