Intent of the Day: Rest Up


You might be on vacation but it doesn’t mean you’re coming back refreshed. If you spent your time with family and friends catching up on all the things you miss year-round, you’re not alone. If you’re anything like us, you’re exhausted and that is no way to enter a new year. We’re going to spend the last few days of 2016 trying to catch up on some zzz’s so we enter the new year ready and rested.

You too? Let us help you get a little rest:


  • What happens when you don’t sleep? This TED Talk shares the bad news…

    Think you can get by without much sleep? Think again. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to struggling to focus or remember details, forgotten than you haven’t always operated that way. The truth is there is a good chance that these traits are more closely tied to sleep deprivation and are your body’s way of trying to get your attention.