Intent of the Day: Savor the Little Moments


Savoring small moments doesn’t start and stop with an encouraging needlepoint pillow on your couch. It starts with intentional steps to slow down and capture something that might otherwise easily go unnoticed. It’s the extra time you got to stay cuddled up at home because it was raining outside. It’s the way your kids laugh when you know they’re doing something that’s going to get them in trouble. It’s the last minute coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while who wants to share good news. In some mindsets, they are distractions, obstacles, agenda items. In a world of mindfulness and awareness, they are moments, pauses, gifts.

We intend to savor the little moments.

You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • This reminder from SoulPancake founder Rainn Wilson about the sacredness of small moments.

    The bonds we create in the household are the most important and lasting. Savor them; they’re sacred.
    -Rainn Wilson

  • These tips on the art of savoring the moment from Infinity House Magazine
    Savoring a moment isn’t necessarily a thing that comes naturally. How long does the savoring last? How long should we stay in the moment? Can you mess up savoring? We loved this wisdom on the art of living in the moment and being present to help you know how and what to capture.


  • These wise words from actor Sam Jaeger on being a present dad and savoring the moment with your children.

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    Life can be knocking on your door every minute with cell phones, tablets, laptops, everything in between. It can be hard to settle down and stop the noise even when children are in the home because requests are coming right to you. Actor Sam Jaeger understands the struggle of being a business man, a husband, a father and an individual who must be intentional if he is going to prioritize the things that matter most. We loved his interview on Kids In The House about just that subject!