Intent of the Day: When to Say Yes


In every situation, we will have the opportunity to find someone smarter, taller, faster, whatever defining feature you can dream of. It doesn’t even have to be true, but when we are scared to leap, it gets easier to assume that someone who is more capable will come along. The downside is we end up missing a lot of big Bold YES opportunities because we accept a no or we give ourselves a no. We may even find ourselves anticipating a no. No means we don’t have to risk. No means we don’t have to fail publicly. No can be safe. Today we intend to go big and take a risk. Our intent is to know when to say yes.

Having a hard time with your yes? Here are 3 things to help:

  • When you’re a little bit scared.
    Being scared doesn’t have to be a bad sign. Being scared can be synonymous with nervousness or excitement over a new experience. If you’re a little bit scared or surprised by a new idea, perhaps think on it before automatically delivering a no. Ask “what makes me nervous about this?” Separate the feelings from the facts and give yourself a chance to decide if it’s a real no or not.


  • When you’re a lot excited.
    Excitement can trigger a fear of success. “If I enjoy this, it can’t be good, right?” Fear says having something good happen could mean that something equally bad will happen. Fear says it’s too prideful to engage in a good thing. If you’re excited about something, don’t let your first reaction be to shut it down or to tear it apart. Instead, notice your excited and think about what it means. Lean into the excitement for once!


  • When you’ve never considered it.
    When an opportunity is outside of your usual realm of activities and comfort, we tend to offer a no first. If we say yes, it could be terrible, right? Maybe something brand new doesn’t have to be bad. Equally, maybe something brand new doesn’t have to last forever. Give yourself the chance to try something completely off your radar when it presents itself before ruling it out automatically.