Intent of the Day: Share your #Wellfie

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What is your Wellfie?
Jiyo is the new wellness site that is ask you to share your wellfie- an image that picture that captures the best version of who you are in an effort to spread more love, joy and gratitude.

Perhaps that is in the midst of working on a passion project.
Maybe it is over dinner with your family.
Maybe it is when you are exercising or teaching or connecting in general.

Deepak Chopra shares the motivation behind the wellfie here:

How do you share your wellfie?

  1. Discover your moment of wellbeing. Early morning. Snuggled up in the evening. With friends. On a solo hike. Find a moment where you feel most like yourself or most in your wellbeing element.
  2. Capture your wellbeing moment. In words. In a photo. In a video. The medium isn’t as important as you discovering your moment.
  3. Tag your #wellfie and share online. See what others are sharing too! Allow your community to cheer for you as you pursue wellbeing. Support others who are doing the same! Together we inspire and are inspired so share your wellbeing #wellfie with the world!