Intent of the Day: Something Amazing


When was the last time you took a risk?
We’re not talking about the kind of risk where you know it’s guaranteed. That, by definition, is not a risk, but we fool ourselves into believing that we’re daring when what we really are is taking calculated steps in a certain direction.

But what about when you have no promises? What about when failure is just as much a possibility as success? How do you gauge when it’s worth taking the leap?
The relationship of your dreams.
The business of your dreams.
A trip, a home, a new chapter?
What is the thing standing between you and the future you dream of?

Our intent is to take a risk on something amazing! You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • Take the risk. Forbes says the odds are better than you think!
    Sometimes we equate failure with something terrible. We either success or we die, we fail, we crash and burn. Our mind is ready to fill in the blanks on everything that could go wrong but when was the last time you considered how right it could go? The odds may not be as bad as you think. Forbes shares 4 good reasons that the risk may be worth taking.


  • Seth Godin explains how taking a risk might be the safest thing you can do

    Seth Godin is a business and life principles wizard. In his book The Dip, Godin explains all the things that stand between you and your end goal. It’s a tough road! But that road may not be any tougher than living a life you aren’t proud of. Seth Godin suggests in this interview that perhaps taking the risk is the safer option.